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Need help submitting your proof of vaccination? You can visit Room 209 (located on the SFCC West Wing) M-F, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you are unable to come to campus, please email vaxaid@sfcc.edu or covid@sfcc.edu.

Categories: COVID-19EmployeeFacultyStudentVaccine Requirement

The SFCC FastPass/VaxPass are no longer valid forms of proof of vaccination. You must upload your proof of vaccination using the SFCC Health Screener App.

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Go to MySFCC, click on “Textbook Lookup,”in the resources section. Then select “Term” (example Spring 2022), select “Santa Fe Community College,” click on specific class.  Continue to add courses to your list or click on “View Your Material.”

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Students can log into MySFCC, click on “Student Records,” and click on “View Holds.”  Call 505-428-1270 for assistance.

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New and returning students should follow the New Student Checklist https://www.sfcc.edu/new-student-checklist/  Returning students who have not attend SFCC in more than 3 years will have to submit a new application.

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Food services are not available on campus for Fall 2021. Students are encouraged to bring their own food to campus. Hydration stations are available.

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Click here to schedule an online meeting with an Advisor.

Due to the current pandemic, advising appointments are remote appointments using video conferencing with real-time services. Limited face-to-face services are available on campus. Contact your Academic Advisor directly to request a face-to-face appointment by calling 428-1275. 

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SFCC is offering courses in the following modalities:

Traditional, in-person, in-class instruction.  Both students and faculty meet in a designated/assigned classroom on campus.

Online LIVE Classes (Synchronous)
These classes are completely online with your instructor and your classmates meeting together at the same time. You attend live interactive class meetings facilitated by your instructor in Canvas. Meetings and communication are through chat, email and/or videoconferencing. You do additional work on your own schedule outside of class, just as you would your homework. These classes are indicated as Synchronous in the sixth column in Look for Credit Classes.

Traditional Online Classes (Asynchronous)
These classes are completely online without mandatory class meetings. You don’t have to be online at a fixed day and time with your fellow classmates and instructor. Your instructor and your classmates will communicate through Canvas and you can interact with them and access class resources on your own time. You complete all the assignments and meet the requirements of the class on your own schedule, meeting the deadlines set by your instructor. Your classmates and instructor are not necessarily online at the same time unless an appointment is scheduled. These classes are indicated as Asynchronous classes in the sixth column in Look for Credit Classes.

Blended Classes
Blended Classes are a mix of in-person and online. Your courses are held both in traditional face-to-face classrooms and online (e.g. video lecture, online discussions, or activities) in Canvas. Due to covid, classes at SFCC are primarily online. If you are taking a blended class, you are required to follow the Student On Campus Protocol when you need to be on campus for class.

Categories: COVID-19EmployeeFacultyStudentVaccine Requirement
  • Required COVID-19 Testing
    Individuals who have a pending or approved Religious or Medical exemption from receiving the vaccine are required to submit to weekly Covid-19 testing.
  • Who does this apply to?
    SFCC students and employees who have a pending or approved Religious or Medical exemption or accommodation from the vaccine requirement are subject to regular COVID testing and must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 PCR test every seven calendar days.
  • What tests are accepted?
  • Only PCR or NAAT tests will be accepted.  Mail-order PCR saliva tests are acceptable. In-home or rapid antigen tests are not acceptable for meeting the testing requirement.
  • Where do I get tested?The Covid tests will be at the expense of the student or employee.  Please view this NMDOH testing and screening site for testing resources.
  • Where do I report my results?Employees and students must submit their test results to…(Needs to be Determined) as soon as they are received, but no later than Friday each week. Proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test is due every seven (7) calendar days.
  • What if my test results are Positive?If you test positive, you should quarantine yourself, report your positive diagnosis using instructions available on SFCC’s contact tracing site.

Categories: COVID-19StudentVaccine Requirement

Currently, vaccinated students must always wear masks when indoors. This requirement is subject to change based on updated guidance from the New Mexico Department of Health and the CDC. Vaccinated students or employees are not required to be tested.

Categories: COVID-19StudentVaccine Requirement

In order to attend in-person classes at SFCC in the Spring Semester 2022, students must report their full or partial vaccination status or exemption by January 18.

Categories: COVID-19StudentVaccine Requirement

Students who do not comply with the vaccine requirement may be dropped from their classes and have a hold placed on their account which will prevent students from registering for future classes. Unvaccinated students may also have the option of enrolling in courses that are 100% online. 

Categories: COVID-19StudentVaccine Requirement

Students enrolled in online-only programs and not coming to campus for any reason are exempt from the vaccination requirement.

Categories: COVID-19StudentVaccine Requirement

Yes. Students, including international students, must receive a vaccine authorized by the Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization.

Categories: COVID-19StudentVaccine Requirement

Dual credit and secondary school students will adhere to their school district policies regarding vaccination and re-entry. However, SFCC will enforce its vaccine requirement for SFCC in-person classes for everyone.

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