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If you are a new student visiting with an Academic Advisor is important. The advisor will help you determine which course work is best for you. Make sure you have taken your Accuplacer exam prior to meeting with the advisor as this will help expedite your meeting.

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Please see the Microsoft Teams and Office FAQS for detailed information.

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SFCC has many resources available for online learning. Please visit Current Resources for Online Learning.

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Online tutoring is available for all courses that have a Canvas component. More information is available here.

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Please visit SFCC Student On Campus Protocol During COVID-19. You’ll find information about how to safely come to campus. Please read the protocol before coming to campus. You will need to complete an online COVID-19 safety training. You will be required to wear a mask at all times on campus and will be screened before entering. Please note: You will need to bring your own food and water bottle to campus. You will not have access to drinking fountains, microwaves or

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Currently, food service is unavailable.  Students are discouraged from eating on campus, but some areas are designated for eating:  

Eating Areas on Campus

Students and employees are discouraged from eating on campus during Phases 1 and 2 of reopening. However if needed, students and employees are allowed to eat on campus only in the designated eating areas. The designated eating areas set up are designed to maintain 6-ft social distancing and the furniture in the areas must not be moved. If students or employees have decided to eat their meal on campus, they are encouraged to eat in their offices if possible or use the nearest available designated eating space. After students or employees finish their meals they are expected to either return to their classrooms / office spaces or leave the campus. No loitering on campus will be allowed. PLEASE SANITIZE YOUR EATING AREA BEFORE AND AFTER USE . Contact security (1224) if no cleaning supplies are available.

The following areas have been designated as authorized eating areas:

  • Health Science student lounge and atrium by the bio-wall
  • Study space outside of woodworking lab
  • Study space outside of culinary lab
  • Study space outside of the radio station
  • Study space outside of media lab
  • Campus center
  • Atrium outside of student development office
  • TATC: tables along the walls
  • TATC entrance lounge (after 5 PM)
  • Arts entrance
  • Arts: tables by the photography lab

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