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The Fitness Activity Waiver details terms and conditions for participation in activities at the Fitness Education Center. Additionally, it releases, waives, discharges, and relinquishes any and all claims rights and actions against SFCC and its representatives, employees, and volunteers.

SFCC is offering courses in the following modalities:

Traditional, in-person, in-class instruction.  Both students and faculty meet in a designated/assigned classroom on campus.

Online LIVE Classes (Synchronous)
These classes are completely online with your instructor and your classmates meeting together at the same time. You attend live interactive class meetings facilitated by your instructor in Canvas. Meetings and communication are through chat, email and/or videoconferencing. You do additional work on your own schedule outside of class, just as you would your homework. These classes are indicated as Synchronous in the sixth column in Look for Credit Classes.

Traditional Online Classes (Asynchronous)
These classes are completely online without mandatory class meetings. You don’t have to be online at a fixed day and time with your fellow classmates and instructor. Your instructor and your classmates will communicate through Canvas and you can interact with them and access class resources on your own time. You complete all the assignments and meet the requirements of the class on your own schedule, meeting the deadlines set by your instructor. Your classmates and instructor are not necessarily online at the same time unless an appointment is scheduled. These classes are indicated as Asynchronous classes in the sixth column in Look for Credit Classes.

Blended Classes
Blended Classes are a mix of in-person and online. Your courses are held both in traditional face-to-face classrooms and online (e.g. video lecture, online discussions, or activities) in Canvas. Due to covid, classes at SFCC are primarily online. If you are taking a blended class, you are required to follow the Student On Campus Protocol when you need to be on campus for class.

Attend Anywhere (HyFlex)
These courses have flexible class delivery that can integrate in-class instruction, online synchronous video sessions, or asynchronous content delivery. Students may attend in person or online or a combination of both. While most courses listed as HyFlex are in-person or online synchronous, some courses can be completed asynchronously. The instructor for the course can give more specific information about the options for their course.

If you are a new student visiting with an Academic Advisor is important. The advisor will help you determine which course work is best for you. Make sure you have taken your Accuplacer exam prior to meeting with the advisor as this will help expedite your meeting.

Please see the Microsoft Teams and Office FAQS for detailed information.

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SFCC has many resources available for online learning. Please visit Current Resources for Online Learning.

Categories: ClassesStudent

Online tutoring is available for all courses that have a Canvas component. More information is available here.

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