Testing Center

Thank you for choosing us as your testing site!

Please refer to the Exams and Services page if you are unsure of the name of your exam, or exam specifics. We are available by phone and email for assistance.

Contact: 505-428-1625 or testingcenter@sfcc.edu
Hours of Operation: M-F, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Room: Suite 611

 The SFCC Testing Center administers exams for college students and the public. Majority of our testing is administered by appointment only. The Testing Center offers:

  • Proctoring for various exams
  • Math, English, and Spanish assessment exams
  • GED and HiSET
  • and many more exam titles!

We are committed to serving students, faculty, staff, and the greater Santa Fe Community.  

Prior to scheduling an English Assessments, please visit with an advisor for next steps.

Schedule of Exams

Vendor Exam by Day of the WeekExams offered Daily
Monday: Metro, Prov, WorkKeys

Tuesday: HiSET, Meazures Learning, Metro,
PearsonVue and GED

Wednesday: CLEP, HiSET, Kryterion,
PearsonVue and GED

Thursday: Praxis, PearsonVue and GED

Friday: Metro, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)*, Praxis**
*CNA : open once a month. Check with Testing Center
**Praxis: open seasonally. Check with Testing Center.
· ALEKS PPL Math Assessment
· ACCUPLACER English Assessment
· Make-up and Accommodations Exams
· SFCC Classroom Exams
·3rd Party Proctoring

Inclement Weather and Holiday Closures

The SFCC Testing Center follows all SFCC campus closures. Please visit the SFCC Calendar page if there is a weather occurrence in Santa Fe or if you are curious regarding upcoming holidays.

Personnel Roles and Exam Specialties

Lourdes Parks, Manager of Testing and Assessment Services in the Testing Center

ACCUPLACER English Assessment, CLEP, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Exam, Meazure Learning, Metro, PearsonVue, ProV, Praxis, ServSafe, WorkKeys

Monique Romero, Program Specialist
ALEKS Math Assessment, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Exam, High School Equivalency Underage Permission Processing, HESI, HiSET, Kryterion, PearsonVue, SAT Score Review, WebCape Spanish Assessment Exam

Pamela Martinez, Testing Center Technician
Computer Preparation and Maintenance, 3rd Party Proctored Exams, Classroom Exams, CUNA, Examplify, FISDAP, Makeup and Accommodations Exams