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Log into ALEKS, click the down arrow to the right of your name, click on Settings, scroll down to Accessibility and click on the button to turn on the feature. You will see options for Color Contrast and Color Blindness, select desired option[.


No, work in Prep and Learning modules does not count towards placement. You will need to complete another proctored assessment to change placement results.

While working in your ALEKS Prep and Learning Module, you will periodically complete a Knowledge Check to make sure you have mastered the topics you gained in the Learning Module. If you do not show mastery during the Knowledge Check, the topics will be added back into your Learning Pie so you can review them again.

Math placement exams are taken at the SFCC Testing Center. Exams can be scheduled in the TC Bookings app.

You can retake the Placement Assessment up to four additional times to improve your score. The highest score will be used for math placement. Students are required to work in the Prep and Learning Module to ensure that attempts are worthwhile, and you have improved your skills. *módulo de preparación y aprendizaje.

2nd attempt—required to complete 5 hours of Prep and Learning Modules before attempting assessment.

3rd attempt—required to complete 5 additional hours of Prep and Learning Module before attempting assessment.

4th attempt—not required to complete any additional hours of Prep and Learning Module

5th attempt—not required to complete any additional hours of Prep and Learning Module

No, there is no fee for SFCC students to use the Prep and Learning Module, making it an even more valuable resource. This application is available any time through a student’s MySFCC personal portal.

Once you have completed your initial assessment, you can use this pdf to guide you through using your Prep & Learning module. *módulo de preparación y aprendizaje.

The Prep and Learning Module is your individualized study module, created after your initial assessment. It is an optional tool to help you improve your math assessment score and/or improve your classroom performance. *módulo de preparación y aprendizaje.

You must wait a required 48-hour rest period and complete 5 hours in your Prep and Learning module to unlock your next math assessment exam. You can track this on your ALEKS Dashboard. There is no benefit in immediately retaking the assessment. Statistics show that students need to spend 6-8 hours in their Prep & Learning module to advance into the next higher-level course.

You can register for a course at or below your ALEKS score. See your advisor to determine the best course of action for your Educational Pathway.

Congratulations! Continue to use your Prep and Learning Module to improve your chances for success. The placement result required is the minimum for your course. Take advantage of the individualized review and learning features in ALEKS to get a better grade in your class. Meet with your advisor if you have any questions or concerns. *módulo de preparación y aprendizaje.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of the customized Prep & Learning module created for you upon completion of your assessment. The individualized plan will be based on your assessment results, with the intention of helping you to improve your math skills. These modules are available for 12 months from the date your start. *módulo de preparación y aprendizaje.

Students can retake the assessment up to four additional times in that 12-month period. The second assessment is un-proctored, and you can take it from home, as a practice test. The third assessment is another proctored exam to be taken at the SFCC Testing Center. Only proctored exam scores count towards course placement.

Scores are valid for up to 3 years.

  1. Viewing your score: You will be able to view your results as soon as you finish the assessment, and you can access the score report anytime from your ALEKS PPL Dashboard.
  2. Uploading your score: The score for all proctored exams will automatically upload into our student record system and will be accessible by your advisor.

The placement result is your overall score on the assessment. This will be a number between 0-100. This represents the percentage of topics that ALEKS has determined you have mastered.

The score identifies which Math course you have placed in based on SFCC’s Cut Scores. If you have any questions regarding your course placement, please schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Institutional Cut Scores:

Class NameScore
Math 1105 + 1105L0-13
Math 110514-29
Math 1130, 1220 + 108 (coreq)30-45
Math 1115, 1350, 122046-60
Math 1250, 143061-75
Math 151076-100

Please note that starting in the Fall 2024 Semester there will be no prerequisite for Math 1130, meaning students do NOT need to take the ALEKS assessment to place into this course. For the upcoming Summer 2024 Semester, students will still need to take the ALEKS exam. Students who score 30-100 qualify to register for Math 1130 and those who score 0-29 can register for Math 1130 with the 130S corequisite.

There is an online calculator built into the assessment for some questions. Testers can see it located to the far right of each math problem. At the beginning of the assessment, testers will go through a Tools Tutorial that shows users how to use the calculator. Some questions will not allow the use of the calculator. For these problems, you will see a line through the calculator icon. When the calculator is available for use, the line will disappear.

Testers may not use a calculator unless they have an approved accommodation with the SFCC Student Accessibility Services Office.

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