Weather Alerts and Holiday Closures

Santa Fe Community College is open for regular hours.

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Be in the Know About Snow

Notifications about campus closures, delays and emergencies are primarily made through the college’s automated alert system, SFCC Alert
  • If you are registered in credit classes, or you are a faculty or staff member, you are already enrolled in the system. In the event of a weather delay or closure, an email will be sent to your SFCC address. You may also choose to receive a text message by manually setting your preferences at
  • Continuing Education and Adult Education students and instructors and members of the local community are not automatically enrolled. To enroll in SFCC Alert and receive weather and emergency notifications, go to and clic on the “Register” button.

Regardless of whether you are automatically enrolled, and regardless of whether you have set your preferences in the past, you can always customize your notification methods again. Visit,  sign in with your SFCC email address, and make your selection.

When a snow delay or closure occurs, SFCC makes every effort get a notification out by 6 a.m. or as soon as possible, depending on the timing of the weather circumstances.

If the Santa Fe public schools are delayed or closed, this is often, but not always, an indicator that SFCC will also be delayed or closed.

In addition to SFCC Alert, you can also find out about an SFCC delay or closure through the following methods, which are listed in order of reliability:

  • Visit, and see a notification on the home page
  • Call the special WeatherWatch Line at 505-428-1716 directly, or get to it through the college’s main number at 505-428-1000
  • Check the SFCC Facebook page and Twitter
  • Check your SFCC email account
  • Listen/watch the local news (radio, TV, newspapers online)

It is a good idea to check several sources, because occasionally texts and emails are delayed, depending on individual plans or technological issues.

Bottom line: you make the final decision on whether or not to travel in inclement weather. Be cautious on the road and always use your own best judgment.