Academic Advising


Academic Advising is an ongoing, intentional collaboration between students, faculty and staff that empowers each student to succeed.


Academic Advisors teach, guide and support students to develop and achieve academic, career and personal goals.

Remote Academic Advising appointments are now available. Schedule a remote appointment with your Academic Advisor “Click Here.”

Students are encouraged to schedule an advising appointment to discuss:

  • Progress toward a degree
  • Difficulties with current courses
  • Adding or dropping a course
  • How to plan for transferring to another college or university
  • Graduation requirements
  • School/life balance

Getting Started

In order to assist new students in successfully transitioning to college and to increase the likelihood of academic success and degree completion, SFCC offers a  New Student Orientation (NSO) to familiarize students with programs and resources available at the college.  New students are required to meet with an academic advisor before registering for classes.  These services are designed to keep new students on track, enhance their student success and improve degree completion. For more information about this or upcoming NSO dates, please call 505-428-1275.

Academic advisors are located in the Welcome and Advising Center and embedded within the Academic schools.

Academic advisors in the Welcome and Advising Center provide the following services :

  • Information for new and prospective students
  • Academic pathways/career exploration
  • General assistance

New students are required to meet with their Academic Advisor for guidance in all things school-related. What exactly happens in an academic advising appointment? What is expected from you as a student? What can you expect from your Advisor?  Learn how your Advisors are here to help you and what your responsibilities as a student are.