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Visit https://www.sfcc.edu/wifi/ for instructions or call the OIT Service Desk at 505-428-1222.

MySFCC is SFCC’s Web portal that’s a fast and easy way for SFCC students, faculty and staff to communicate. Once you have applied to SFCC, you are ready to log onto your student account – MySFCC. Click on the MySFCC login icon (top right on black menu bar on every page). Log in to MySFCC with your user name and password.

If you have forgotten your SFCC username or password please contact the SFCC Help Desk at (505) 428-1222 or by email at oitservicesupport@sfcc.edu. You will be asked to provide your DOB and A number. If you do not know your A number, you might be asked one or more of the following questions to confirm your identity: home address, phone number, classes you are currently enrolled in, and courses you have taken previously.

Log on to your MY SFCC account. Under applications please click on Canvas. You will then be instructed to reenter your MY SFCC username and password. You will then be directed to your Canvas account and should be able to access your class and or classes.

Please contact the SFCC Online Teaching and Learning offices at otl@sfcc.edu. They will be happy to assist.

Please log on to your MY SFCC student account. Once you are logged in please click on the “Student Records” tab located near the top of the page. You will then be directed to your student records page. The third option is “Midterm Grades”. Please click to access your midterm grade(s) for your current semester.

Please review the March 31 Cybersecurity Training and Tips for Remote Work and contact Office of Information Technology Service Desk, (505) 428-1222 or OIT@sfcc.edu if you have questions

You can submit an OIT ticket by emailing oitservicesupport@sfcc.edu. Make sure to provide a cell/ home phone for contact number.

Please work with OIT, 428-1222, and your supervisor to ensure you can complete essential work from home.

You can submit an OIT ticket by emailing oitservicesupport@sfcc.edu. Make sure to provide a cell/ home phone for contact number.

Contact OIT at 505-428-1222.

SFCC has licensing which allows all students, staff, and faculty access to up to five installation of Microsoft Office. These installations are available for Mac, Windows, Android and IOS computers. Additionally, Office 365  Online is available through your internet browser.

To access Office 365 online in a browser visit https://my.sfcc.edu and use your SFCC username and password to log in.  Click on the Office 365 icon. You may use tools such as word, excel, outlook, Teams and more from here. Documents are stored in your One Drive. One Drive provides each person with up to 1 TB of storage.

To access the Office 365 installations for Mac and Windows you will also need to log into MySFCC as above and click on the Office 365 icon. In the upper right you will see an option to Install Office. Click on it and choose Office 365 Apps. This will download the installer for all available Office 365 products. Once downloaded click on the installation download and follow the instructions to install on your device. You will need to log in with your “Work or School” account to use the software. This will be your SFCC username (firstname.lastname@sfcc.edu) and your password to authenticate your license.

For android or IOS you must visit your devices App Store and search for each tool. For example, search for Microsoft Teams, install it and log in with your SFCC username(firstname.lastname@sfcc.edu) and password to authenticate your license. Many apps, such as word, excel, Teams, Outlook are available for both Android and IOS devices.

Teams is a collaboration tool which allows SFCC Staff, Faculty and Students to stay connected with chat, video conferencing, file sharing, file collaboration and more.

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