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Name Phone Email Office/Department/School
Abeyta, Erica
Prevention & Wellness Office of Student Development
Alexander, Michael
Full-Time Faculty
(505) 428-1339 School of Liberal Arts
Alexendrescu, Radu
Full-time Faculty
(505) 428-1869 School of Sciences, Health, Engineering and Math
Alvarez, Juan
Academic and Career Education Instructor
Adult Education
Anthony, Elizabeth
Executive Assistant
(505) 428-1407 School of Liberal Arts
Santa Fe Small Business Development Center
Apodaca, John
Purchasing Agent
(505) 428-1630 Purchasing
Archibald, Linda
Adjunct Faculty
(505) 428-1632 School of Business, Professional Studies and Education
Arellano, Michael
Textbook Buyer
(505) 428-1672 Bookstore
Arellano, Paul
Ashmead, Edward
Program Specialist/Instructor
(505) 428-1023 Adult Education
Aubol, Joshua
Temp Instructor
(505) 428-1356
Baca, Diana P.
Records Tech
(505) 428-1267 Registrar
Balladares, Carlos
Full-time Faculty
(505) 428-1882 School of Liberal Arts
Balladares, Jessica
Allied Health Program Administrator
(505) 428-1926 School of Sciences, Health, Engineering and Math
Barela, Samantha
ALS Coordinator
(505) 428-1888 School of Sciences, Health, Engineering and Math