SFCC Student On Campus Protocol during COVID-19

  1. Students must have taken required COVID training (KnowBe4) before coming on campus. Link will be sent via SFCC email.  Or you can sign into MySFCC to log into the module. (Optional resource for employees and students: COVID-19 Stop the Spread of Germs)
  2. Students should do the CDC Self Check for symptoms before coming on campus.
  3. Students must wash/sanitize hands before coming on campus.
  4. Students must come alone (no family, visitors, or children).
  5. Students are required to wear masks at all times.
  6. Students will need to be screened for COVID risk factors. Students must enter at screening station designated by instructor to be checked in. Be prepared to show identification if requested.
  7. Students must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet at all times including in hallways, classrooms/labs, bathrooms, and inside/outside gathering spaces.
  8. Do not use microwaves, vending machines, and break rooms. (Bring your own prepared food and drinks).
  9. Only water filling stations will be open; avoid water fountains and bring your water bottle.
  10. No students are allowed in the copy rooms.
  11. Only two people in a bathroom at one time.
  12. Wash/Sanitize hands before touching and after using shared equipment such as phones and computers or use gloves when using any shared equipment (immediately dispose of gloves after).
  13. Sanitize shared equipment with alcohol (monitors, electronics, copier touchpads) or cleaning wipes (table/desktops and phones, etc).
  14. Sanitize any surface such as desktops before and after use
  15. Avoid touching doors when possible with hands (use elbows, arms, shoulders, etc.)
  16. Access to campus is restricted to the area approved for students. No loitering or wandering around campus will be allowed.
  17. During phases 0, I, and II, time on campus should be limited as much as possible to 4 hours or less.