TRiO Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) TRiO is a federally funded grant program designed to work with 160 Santa Fe Community College students. The program serves income eligible, first generation students and students with disabilities. Eligible students who are committed to their college education and willing to participate will be offered enriched services designed to help them meet their educational goals.

What does TRiO offer students?

  • Academic Advising/Educational Planning: course selection, degree planning, transferring, etc.
  • Academic Support: tutoring, mentoring, study skills, test taking, online resources.
  • Personal Advising: time and money management, managing stress, life skills, etc.
  • Social and Cultural Activities: attend museums, national parks, films, etc.
  • Assistance with scholarship applications
  • Computer lab and private study spaces
  • Connection with other students: help each other succeed

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Be a United States Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Be within Federal Income Guidelines and/or
  • Neither parent or guardian has graduated from a four year college and/or
  • Have a documented disability

Candidates must also be in good academic standing.

How to apply?

Applications are available from our office LL313. If you are faculty or staff who identifies a student whom you believe may benefit from our services, please refer them to our office. We will screen for federal guidelines to determine eligibility.


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