Counseling Services

SFCC Counseling Services welcomes you to visit privately with a licensed professional counselor for support with personal, social, and academic challenges. Counseling is a confidential, respectful process where you can feel safe discussing sensitive issues. Counseling is an opportunity to receive support to handle stressors in your life and to learn new skills that support your well-being.

Counseling services are available to registered SFCC students. All counseling services are free of charge.

You can make an in-person or telehealth appointment with a counselor by emailing  A counselor will contact you to set up an appointment time. We also offer short check-ins as our schedule allows. If you’re on campus, feel free to drop by the Wellness Center and if we’re available, we will meet with you or schedule a check-in as soon as possible.

If you prefer telehealth or want to meet with a therapist outside the 8-5 weekday hours, UWill Mental Health and Wellness is also available to SFCC Students.

What do SFCC students have to say about Counseling Services?

“Counseling Services has been very valuable for me. I am so grateful I have had this opportunity through SFCC. The school has given me a lot in terms of helping me grow in my education, and this has been an opportunity to grow personally as well.”

“It’s really amazing that the school offers counseling and that it’s free.”

“I’m enjoying life more because of the counseling at SFCC. I think it has to do with the fact that it’s a really open kind of counseling that they offer. They don’t tell you what to do; they just guide you with things that can help you.”

“Counseling has helped me to choose a career and to know why I’m choosing that career. It’s helped me to declare a degree.”

“If I didn’t have counseling, my personal life could have easily overwhelmed me. Counseling has really helped me to stick with my classes. Even if things get hard, I feel like I have a solid base. It helps me have balance in my life.”

What can I expect from a Telehealth Counseling appointment?

Through the Counseling Center:

  • A counselor will schedule a confidential Telehealth appointment with you and send you an email link using MS Teams.
  • You will need a private space to meet with the counselor.
  • Counseling is confidential, not part of your student record and there is no cost to registered students.

Through UWILL:

Register for a Uwill account using your SFCC email address.

  1. Choose a therapist based on your preferences including issue, gender, language, ethnicity
  2. Choose a time that fits your schedule with day, night and weekend availability
  3. Choose your appointment type, video, phone, chat, or message.

If you need any assistance when using Uwill, you can refer to the Uwill FAQ and User Guide or reach out directly to Uwill at 833.99.Uwill or

Where are the SFCC counselors located?

Our offices are located in Suite LL312 in the Student Wellness Center in the lower West Wing Atrium.

Appointments are scheduled between 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. We will make every effort to meet with you if you are in crisis.  If you feel you’re in trouble, don’t hesitate to call or come in. Counseling Services does not provide after-hours or weekend services. Please reach out to SFCC Counseling Services at or by calling 505-428-1682.

* SFCC Counseling Services wants to make you aware of the following mental health resources:

Help is Three Numbers Away
988: The 24/7 Lifeline for Emotional, Mental or Substance Misuse Support

Reasons to Call 988:

  • Worried about your safety or someone you know;
  • Having a hard time managing strong emotions;
  • Feeling hopeless, confused, or angry;
  • Worried about alcohol or drug use (substance use);
  • Need information or referrals for local community services;
  • Have something on your mind that you want to talk over with someone outside of current situation;
  • Service member or veteran and their families in need.

How it Works

People who call 988 are given these options:

  • Press 1 to connect with the Veterans Crisis Line
  • Press 2 to connect with the Spanish Subnetwork
  • Press 3 to connect to the LGBTQI support for youth and young adults
  • Remain on the line or press 0 and be connected to a local crisis center; if local crisis center is unable to answer, the caller is routed to a national backup center


People who text “TALK” to 988 will be connected to crisis centers equipped to respond to texts. Chat will be available through the Lifeline’s website:

Other Available Resources:

  • New Mexico Crisis Line 1-855-662-7474 to talk to a professional counselor, 1-855-227-5485 (TTY)
  • Warm Line 1-855-466-7100 to access peer support.
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255
  • For support regarding rape or sexual assault, contact Solace Crisis Treatment Center at 800-721-7273
  • For domestic violence, contact Esperanza Shelter 800-473-5220
  • For first responder support please visit:
  • If this is a medical emergency please call 911