Financial Aid

At SFCC, we believe every student who wants to go to college should be able to do so. That’s why we work hard to help you afford the cost of your education. There are scholarships, grants, campus jobs and loan programs — all available to help pay your college expenses.

Apply for Financial Aid

All students should file a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form by visiting the FAFSA website.  View the Federal Financial Aid Regulations that impact you.

SFCC Scholarship Application Open!

Don’t Leave $$$ on the Table!

SFCC can help you pay for college with scholarships. One simple application puts you in consideration for all SFCC endowed Foundation and Institutional scholarships. Apply online today.

Funding is limited: lock in your scholarship now for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Scholarships are awarded based upon availability of funds. Financial need and a minimum GPA are required for some scholarships. Students are required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Scholarships are available for international and non-U.S. citizen students. International students should complete the 2019-2020 Dreamers Financial Aid Application available online and from the Financial Aid Office.

Learn more by emailing Financial Aid or calling 505-428-1268. Se habla Español.

Student Loans

Loan Eligibility Requirements: In accordance with our Default Prevention Management Plan, SFCC has implemented the following requirements for student loan borrowers:

  • Students applying for a student loan must have all previous college transcripts in the Registrar’s Office before submitting the loan application. Evaluation of transcripts can change loan eligibility if a student has not completed the last two semesters at a previous institution.
  • Students must be registered in college-level coursework from their current primary declared degree program to be eligible for student loans. PHED and developmental coursework will not count towards loan eligibility.
  • Students must have received student loans in the past at SFCC or must have completed in-person Entrance Loan Counseling with the Loan Coordinator.

It is your responsibility to follow up on your application status. To proceed with the loan application process, click on the following link:

Fall loan application available through November 27, 2019.

For the Fall 2019 semester, Financial Aid will pay into student college accounts during the week of September 9, 2019. Financial aid is only disbursed for classes you are actively attending. If you have late-starting classes your full disbursement may be delayed until after the late-starting classes begin.

The Cashiers Office will issue refunds via direct deposit or check the week of September 16, 2019. Please click the Financial Aid Disbursement General info link for detailed information regarding disbursements for late starting classes and instructions on setting up direct deposit.

The payment deadline for the Fall 2019 semester is August 13, 2019. Students must have financial aid or a payment plan in place by then to avoid being dropped from classes for non-payment.

Some grant and scholarship funds are limited, so we encourage students to file as soon as possible to maximize their award. Students should fill out their FAFSA by May 1 each year for the upcoming Fall term. If you don’t apply by May 1, your application will still be processed for Fall, however, the available funds may be limited.

Call Student Employment Program Manager Susie Weaver at 505-428-1285 or go to Student Employment.

Students who transfer from other colleges or universities and wish to complete a degree or certificate at SFCC must request that each institution they attended send official transcripts to the Registrar’s Office. Credit hours that are transferred from institutions previously attended will count toward a student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress.


WARNING: Active Phishing Campaign Targeting Student Email Accounts

Attackers are using  a phishing email to obtain access to student accounts via Colleges’ student portals.  Upon gaining access to the portal the attacker changes the student’s direct deposit destination to a bank account controlled by the attacker.

SFCC will NEVER ask for you to provide passwords or personally identifiable information.  DO NOT click on links that are provided in an email.  CONTACT US with any questions!

You may view a sample of the phishing email below:

How to Provide your Documents to Financial Aid:

Documents you email to the Financial Aid Office are not encrypted which means your personal information is vulnerable to attack. 

We are invested in protecting your privacy!  We can provide you with a safe, secure method to provide your documents to the Financial Aid Office electronically.

If you would like to submit your documents electronically please email with a request for a secure link.

Your email must come from your SFCC email account and include your Student ID number.  The Financial Aid Office will provide you with access to an encryption service along with instructions on uploading documents.

If you do not wish to provide your documents electronically you may fax them to us at (505) 428-1283 or bring them by the Financial Aid Office in person.  Located in Room 202 of the Welcome and Advising Center; we are open 8-6, Monday through Thursday and 8-5 on Friday.

To E-mail Financial Aid:

Federal regulations require that all financial aid inquiries come from your school e-mail address. Please e-mail all financial aid questions from your SFCC email account. Log into MySFCC, access email account by clicking on the Gmail link in the Launchpad, and create a new email using “” in the address bar.

Financial Aid for Certificate Programs

SFCC offers 21 Certificate Programs that qualify for Financial Aid. Please visit our Grants web page to see eligible certificates.