General Education Assessment

SFCC Essential Skills Outcomes

Communication: Students will be able to respond to a diverse range of situations and texts with appropriate written, oral, visual and other forms of communication using a variety of media.

Critical Thinking: Students will be able to delineate a problem or question, acquire evidence, evaluate evidence, and develop reasonable conclusions.

Information and Digital Literacy: Students will be able to engage in a thoughtful research process including evaluating and communicating information. Students will be able to use digital tools to complete academic and professional tasks.

Personal and Social Responsibility: Students will be able to interact and collaborate with others in ethical and culturally appropriate ways. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship among environmental, socio-cultural, political, and/or economic systems as they interact with and affect the sustainability of the natural and human worlds.

Quantitative Reasoning: Students will be able to represent and communicate quantitative information, analyze and formulate quantitative arguments, and solve quantitative contextual problems.