Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OPIE)

Mission and Purpose

Student Success through Collaboration

The Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OPIE) at Santa Fe Community College derives its mission from the College’s “Statement of Purpose” which includes, in part, the commitment to use college resources efficiently and effectively; the College’s Core Values of Growth through Learning, Honesty and Integrity and the College’s Strategic Goal that commits it to accountability.

Accordingly, the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness is committed to providing, facilitating, coordinating, and guiding the college’s strategic planning process; supervising and completing the college’s institutional research functions; providing data and analysis for decision-making at a variety of levels throughout the college; assisting internal “customers” with their research and assessment needs; and coordinating college reporting to governmental agencies and external constituents where possible and appropriate, in the most timely and accurate manner possible.

Further, the Office is committed to providing senior managers with accurate and timely measures of institutional progress to help guide decisions toward continuous improvement of systems and services.

The Assistant Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness reports directly to the President of the college.