The Grant Office assists the College in seeking external funding.  If you are looking for grants to attend school, please go to Financial Aid.

Please use this Pre-Proposal Approval Form as soon as you decide to apply.  Your department head/supervisor will be asked to approve before you move forward.  You must be current on all PLO requirements (if assigned) and all other contractual duties to apply for a grant opportunity.

Proposal Budget and Narrative Approval Form must be submitted 2 weeks before application/proposal due date to ensure time for budget revisions as needed.  Failure to submit this will cause your application to be disapproved.

Proposal Development Flow Chart Allow sufficient time to write a successful grant proposal (at least a month usually).

Steps for a successful Grant proposal

1. Project Idea
2. Find Grant Opportunities – Grants Director will assist as needed.
3. What part of the Strategic Plan does this align with? Know this for the Pre-Proposal Approval form.
4. Get Institutional Support (Pre-Proposal Approval Form) – It could take a few days for the form to get all the required approvals.
5. Get your proposal team together – find time to meet in person or over teams to discuss what is required for the submission and who will do which part. Who will be the Principal Investigator? Do you need a Co-PI?
6. What Data do you need (data requests should allow 2 weeks for response)? Format your request so you can get the information later if you are awarded and need to report on this for one of your goals or objectives.
7. Are you adding a new position (HR new position form)?  HR will help you set the correct salary and benefits amounts.
8. Don’t leave the budget to the end.  Work up a draft and submit it for review hereLeave time for revisions.  The Grants Accounting office is here to help you.  Allow two weeks for this!
9. Know the approvals you need based on the dollar amount you are going for. Grants Director is here to help.
  a.     Supervisor approval required for all involved in the grant, Grants Accounting Manager approval, Grant Director Approval, Executive Team approval, President’s Approval, Governing Board Approval


b.     Yearly budget over $100,000, requires matching, or forfeiting indirect costs requires Executive Team approval and Governing Board notification.

c.      SFCC Governing Board approval may be required if planning new construction or terms require specific Board approval.  Remember Governing Board meets once a month – plan accordingly!

10. Complete all required forms.
11. Obtain Signatures needed.
12. Make copies of final proposal (one for you one for Grants Office).
13. Must submit with the Grants Director
14. Know when award announcements will be made and mark your calendar.

For more information, please contact Laura White, Director of Grants, 505-428-1811,