Who We Are

The SFCC Grants Office serves to guide, assist and provide technical assistance for faculty and staff seeking grant opportunities to advance the college’s mission and to meet strategic planning objectives. If you are looking for grant funds, we are here to help. All grants, including requests for partnerships, must be vetted through the Grants Office prior to submission. The Grants Office reports to the Associate Vice President of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.

The Grant Office assists the College in seeking external funding.  If you are looking for grants to attend school, please go to Financial Aid.

Services We Provide

We facilitate the development, submission and management of grants, including proposals to federal, state, and local agencies.  The level of assistance provided during the grant writing process varies based on the complexity of the grant proposal, the experience of the proposer(s) and the need for a team approach to develop the proposal.  Don’t forget that grant writing is a team sport and usually involves a wide range of talents to create a successful grant proposal.  Some of the technical assistance we provide includes:

  • working with departments to identify funding needs
  • linking these funding needs with SFCC’s strategic plan
  • finding and disseminating appropriate grant funding opportunities
  • assisting with proposal development
  • coordinating the submittal process
  • facilitating the post-award activities
  • helping current grant director and managers in meeting grant requirements

For more information, please contact Laura White, Director of Grants, 505-428-1811,