Title V MAPS


Title V Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program

In 2019, SFCC was awarded a U.S. Department of Education Title V Hispanic Serving Institutions grant totaling $3,000,000 over five years.  SFCC’s Title V project, Minority Academic Pathways to Success (MAPS), seeks to build systemic institutional capacity to implement the Guided Pathways model – a transformational approach that removes barriers Hispanic and low-income students face in achieving post-secondary success. Project objectives include the establishment of Guided Pathways, restructured developmental math education, enhanced support and advising systems, and faculty and staff professional development. In addition, MAPS establishes a $450,000 Hispanic and low-income student endowment fund ($225,000 grant funds, $225,000 matching funds). SFCC goals for the MAPS project:

Goal 1:
Increase Hispanic and low-income student retention, graduation, and transfer rates by implementing Guided Pathways, including the establishment of meta-majors, restructured developmental math education, and clear pathways to careers and further education.

Goal 2:
Increase Hispanic and low-income student retention rates through enhanced support and advising systems, and intervening when students are off track.

Goal 3:
Strengthen Guided Pathways and student support systems through faculty and staff professional development that focuses on Hispanic and low-income student success.

Project Team:

Julie Gallegos, Project Director, julie.gallegos1@sfcc.edu

Monika Bechtel, Project Assistant, monika.bechtel@sfcc.edu

Jennifer Breneiser, Pathways Activity Director, jennifer.breneiser@sfcc.edu                                        

Jonathan Harrell, Student Support Activity Director, jonathan.harrell@sfcc.edu 

Title V Institutional Research Analyst – TBD

Michelle Renteria, Instructional Designer/Trainer, michelle.renteria@sfcc.edu

Joanna Johnston, Student Resources Coordinator, joanna.johnston@sfcc.edu  

Estevan Roybal Anaya, Degree Audit Technician, estevan.roybalanaya@sfcc.edu

Amanda Harner, Academic Scheduling Manager, amanda.harner@sfcc.edu

Title V Summer 2024 Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty

For information on trainings and compensation available to faculty for Summer 2024 click here.