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Degree status is granted to students who have declared an intention to pursue a particular degree or certificate by following a prescribed program and sequence of study.

Non-degree status is granted to applicants who wish to take courses for their own purposes without intending to seek any degree or certificate. A high school diploma is not required for admission, but age requirements may apply.

No. The Lottery Scholarship applies only to tuition costs. 

The amount of tuition covered by the scholarship will vary each academic year based on annual state legislation. Please contact the institution that you plan to attend to find out what amount of tuition will be covered by this scholarship. 

The lottery scholarship is available to SFCC students in fall and spring terms.  It is not available for the summer semester.

Yes.  You may be eligible for other financial aid programs. The Financial Aid Division encourages all students to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

To qualify for the NM Lottery Scholarship at SFCC, you must complete your qualifying semester of 12 credit hours or more (full-time at SFCC) with a 2.5 GPA.  Students with a Disability Waiver must complete 6-12 credit hours with a 2.5 GPA. When you successfully complete the qualifying semester, you will be awarded the NM Lottery Scholarship the very next semester. 

To establish eligibility for the NM Lottery scholarship at SFCC, a student must complete their qualifying semester within sixteen months of high school graduation or completion of a high school equivalency credential.  The SFCC qualifying semester is triggered when a student enrolls in 12 or more credit hours during that 16-month period.   For example, if you enroll in 6 credit hours in fall 2021 after graduation and 12 credit hours the following spring, spring 2022 will be your qualifying semester.

No. You can attend 6-11 credit hours as long as you visit with Accessibility Services to get a disability waiver.  Starting with your qualifying semester, a disability waiver must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office before the end of the third week each semester.

You are eligible for the NM Lottery for three semesters at a 2-year college and an additional four semesters at a 4-year college.  If you are working under a disability waiver, you have 14 consecutive semesters of part-time enrollment with no more than seven semesters at a 2-year college.    

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Students that enter the military within four months of high school completion may establish eligibility within sixteen months of completion of honorable service or medical discharge.

No.  The Lottery Scholarship may only be received at a public post-secondary educational institution within New Mexico. 

Go to MySFCC, click on “Textbook Lookup,”in the resources section. Then select “Term” (example Spring 2022), select “Santa Fe Community College,” click on specific class.  Continue to add courses to your list or click on “View Your Material.”

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Students can log into MySFCC, click on “Student Records,” and click on “View Holds.”  Call 505-428-1270 for assistance.

New and returning students should follow the New Student Checklist  Returning students who have not attend SFCC in more than 3 years will have to submit a new application.

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Click here to schedule an online meeting with an Advisor.

Due to the current pandemic, advising appointments are remote appointments using video conferencing with real-time services. Limited face-to-face services are available on campus. Contact your Academic Advisor directly to request a face-to-face appointment by calling 428-1275. 

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