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Degree status is granted to students who have declared an intention to pursue a particular degree or certificate by following a prescribed program and sequence of study.

Non-degree status is granted to applicants who wish to take courses for their own purposes without intending to seek any degree or certificate. A high school diploma is not required for admission, but age requirements may apply.

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All SFCC students and employees are required to be vaccinated to attend the FEC after the vaccine requirement has gone into effect. In addition, drop-in visitors to the FEC must provide proof of vaccination to FEC welcome staff when checking in.

Categories: COVID-19EmployeeFacultyVaccine Requirement

Yes. Because the Pfizer vaccine has been granted full FDA approval, the only permitted exemptions from the vaccine requirement after January 6, 2022 will be for health conditions or religious beliefs. Any unvaccinated faculty, staff, or tenant remaining unvaccinated is required to request an exemption, refer to “Exemption Requirements and Requests” on

Categories: COVID-19EmployeeFacultyStudentVaccine Requirement

Yes, all faculty and staff are required to be vaccinated, even if they have already had COVID-19.

Categories: EmployeeFacultyVaccine Requirement

Faculty and staff are encouraged to be vaccinated as soon as possible to avoid not meeting the vaccine requirement deadline. Faculty and staff who are not able to meet the vaccination deadline due to a recent COVID-19 diagnosis are required to get vaccinated as soon as they have met the appropriate window of time following their COVID-19 diagnosis.

Categories: COVID-19EmployeeFacultyStudentVaccine Requirement

SFCC will not make public the vaccination status of students, faculty or staff.

Categories: COVID-19FacultyVaccine Requirement

Yes. You are not automatically exempt from the vaccination requirement, refer to “Exemption Requirements and Requests.” on

Categories: COVID-19EmployeeVaccine Requirement

All employees must have the first dose for Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the single dose of Johnson & Johnson OR have an approved medical or religious exemption.

Categories: COVID-19EmployeeVaccine Requirement

You and your supervisor will receive notification of non-compliance.

You may request 30 days of leave without pay to get in compliance, although your supervisor may not be able to approve this Leave Without Pay if the supervisor determines that vital work will not be done.

If you are approved to be on a Leave Without Pay status, you cannot remote work and cannot use paid leave options (e.g., sick, annual, or personal leave).

Categories: COVID-19EmployeeVaccine Requirement

You and your supervisor will receive notification that you are not in compliance. At that time, you will receive a Notice of Intended Disciplinary Action as provided for under 4-2:  Employee Corrective Action and Disciplinary Action Policy, which enables you to schedule a meeting with your supervisor and the Director of Human Resources to provide any additional information you think is needed to understand why you were not able to come into compliance by January 6. In accordance with Policy 4-2, thereafter the Office of Human Resources will notify you and your supervisor of their determination regarding your status. You will remain on Leave Without Pay until the Office of Human Resources has made a determination.

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You will upload your proof of vaccine via the SFCC Health Screener app and wait to receive approval to return to campus from the Office of Human Resources.

If your documents are approved, you can access the campus. You will need to coordinate with your supervisor before you return to campus as they have made arrangements for your absence and may need time to coordinate your return.

Categories: COVID-19EmployeeVaccine Requirement

Because you demonstrated the effort to come into compliance with the vaccination requirement, you have the following options:

  • You must continue to stay off campus.
  • You may request to work fully remotely (if your position allows remote work). Your supervisor will determine if this will be allowed.
  • You may utilize leave options such as annual and personal leave (not sick leave).
  • You may request an additional 30 days of Leave Without Pay.

Once you are fully vaccinated, upload your proof of vaccination, wait for the approval of your documentation, and contact your supervisor to coordinate your return to campus.

Categories: COVID-19EmployeeVaccine Requirement

Please visit for instructions on requesting an exemption.

Categories: COVID-19EmployeeVaccine Requirement
  • You must always wear a mask in all shared indoor settings.
  • You must complete the COVID-19 Screener in the SFCC Health Screener app on the days when you are on campus. 
  • You must not come on campus if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. 
  • You are required to follow current SFCC COVID-19 protocols.

Categories: COVID-19StudentVaccine Requirement

In some cases, particular programs and policies may be different based on specific clinical requirements. Students, please refer to your program director or clinical coordinator for the most recent vaccine requirements. These requirements are based on what is required by our clinical partners.

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