HESI Exam Registration Policies & Procedures for Nursing Program


Testing Schedule

Students taking the HESI admissions exam for entrance into the SFCC Nursing Program are allowed to test twice in an application period. However, candidates are tested in cohort groups, so each testing date has an automatic retest date of 20-30 business days following the original test date.  That is, you have an opportunity to choose whether you want to retest 20-30 business days after your first attempt.  Please be sure that, when you select your preferred test date, you will be available for the retest date as well, should it become necessary. We cannot test any candidate outside of his or her cohort, so you may only retake the exam on the specified date for your cohort.

If you test on this date:

You will retest on this date:

Cohort – 1

 June 11, 2020

July 9, 2020

Cohort – 2

June 18, 2020

July 16, 2020 

Cohort – 3

June 25, 2020

July 23, 2020

Due to limited spacing capacity, allowable numbers for testing is restricted.  Students are encouraged to take their HESI admissions exam at other locations if unable to schedule at SFCC’s Testing Center.

Testing procedures have been modified to comply with our Governor and SFCC policies for student and staff safety.  Please note the following changes to admissions procedures:

Students will be admitted in two shifts of 4 people each day:  9am and 9:30am.  There are no other times allowed to arrive for HESI admissions testing.  If you are late you will not be admitted to test.

Candidates will check in at the front of the building for screening, and then allowed to go to the Testing Center. 

The 6 feet rule will apply at all times.

Lockers will not be provided.  Candidates are allowed into the Testing Center with their ID, car keys, and any food and drink necessary.  No other items, such as purses or backpacks will be allowed in the Testing Center.  Please leave those items in your car.

Food and drink items will be stored on a table outside the testing rooms.  

Only 4 candidates are allowed in the testing rooms that are provided. 

Hand sanitizer will be provided on entrance and exit of each testing room.  Hand wipes will be provided to candidates who need to use the restroom during breaks in testing. 


There is a $49 fee for taking the HESI Nursing entrance exam, paid directly to HESI.  If you choose to take the second attempt, you will be required to pay the $49 fee again.

Registration and Payment

You must register and pay for the HESI admissions exam online.  Your first step is to go to:  https://www.evolve.elsevier.com/cs/  and set up your account.  Chrome is the preferred browser.  You will create a username and password, and that is what you will use to get into your admissions exam on your test day. Be sure you bring that with you on your test day.

To make your payment, login to Evolve using the link below and then click on the “Student Access” link where you will be instructed to complete the required payment information.

If you are having problems, contact Evolve Support, through this link.

You must register and pay for the HESI admissions exam online.  Pursuant to SFCC Nursing Program policy, you may take the HESI exam a maximum of two times during a given application period, on the specified date, within your cohort.

Once you have registered and paid, you will automatically be on a roster to test on the day you’ve chosen. 

On your test day, you must present a current photo ID.  You must also bring in your Elsevier username and password that will allow you into the exam.  Testing Center staff will provide further instructions for you to open your exam once you’ve signed into your Elsevier account.

Look for test preparation materials here:

Evolve Resources for Admissions Assessment Exam Review, 4th Edition

Admission Assessment Exam Review, 4th Edition

Cancellations and Date Changes

If you wish to change or cancel a HESI registration, contact Sandy Brintnall Katz, Testing Specialist, at 505-428-1508, or the front office at 505-428-1625.

Accommodations for Examinees with Documented Disabilities

Testing accommodations are provided for examinees with documented disabilities in accordance with the ADA. To receive accommodations, you must meet with the SFCC Office of Accessibility Services (505-428-1711) for a standard intake interview and to have your documentation reviewed. The Testing Center will not provide non-standard testing arrangements without a referral from the Accessibilty Services office.  

For more information, please contact The Testing Center, (505) 428-1625, testing@sfcc.edu.