Accelerated Degree Program/Alternative Options for Credit


Accelerated Degree Program

Santa Fe Community College accepts college credit from a variety of nontraditional sources that demonstrate college-level learning. If you are interested in finding out more about opportunities to earn credit outside the classroom, please see the Testing Center Director. Each opportunity represents a way for you to save time and tuition by earning credit for college-level knowledge.

Credit for Prior Learning

SFCC recognizes that students may gain college-level knowledge through life and work experiences outside of an academic setting. The Credit for Prior Learning program provides an opportunity to develop a portfolio to document and earn credit for college-level learning acquired outside the classroom. For more information, review the Credit by Portfolio Process and Guidelines.

Credit by Examination

If you believe you can demonstrate college-level learning in a particular subject area, you may attempt to challenge the course material by examination. There are four options for so challenging a course:

The first three options are exams that can be taken on campus through the Testing Center. Advance Placement (AP) tests are not given at SFCC, but students who take the tests elsewhere and earn high enough scores will earn credit for specific courses. For more information on all of these options, please refer to the SFCC Catalog.