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About the Exams: Why do I need to take an assessment exam?

English is an important foundational subject for many Degree and Certificate programs. Assessment tests are tools used to determine your skill level with these subjects, and ensure you are enrolling in appropriate classes for your success.

  • We have two types of English assessments, see which matches your needs below.
  • English assessment exams are for post-traditional learners, English Language Learners, and those entering the iBest program.
Required documentation:
Required documentation: Government issued photo ID or Student ID, access to your A#, and login information for your account.
Course Assessment TableThis guide can be used for SFCC placement according to a tester’s score.

English Assessment Exam

High school graduates (within the past 5 years) are recommended to meet with an advisor to review school transcripts/GPA for class placement prior to registration.

Academic advisors will use multiple measures to place students in the appropriate classes. Students will be involved in these intentional conversations regarding placement and skill level.

High School information will be assessed on a case-to-case basis. GPA may be taken into consideration:

HS GPA: 2.0-2.59 —> ENGL 111- and ENGL 1110 L

HS GPA: 2.6 and above —> ENG 1110

Anyone with more than 5 years since high school graduation will need to take the ACCUPLACER Reading and Writing assessment exams. This can be taken into consideration for your placement, but placement is ultimately decided on a case-by-case basis between the advisor and student.

For this option, testers will need a reference from their advisor to register for assessment.

Spanish Assessment Exam

Why take an Assessment?

  • To help make sure students are placed into the Spanish level that is best for them, SFCC requires all students to take the Spanish Assessment Exam.
    • We have adopted an assessment exam to gauge your language ability and give a recommendation for which level Spanish you should begin with.

 Do I have to study for the test?

  • There is no need to study for the Assessment. It is meant to assesses your language skills as they are. Do your best for the most accurate placement since it will allow you to be in the right class.

How will I be evaluated?

  • TheWebCAPE Spanish Placement Test is a multiple-choice computerized exam that tests a student’s knowledge of Spanish at different levels of difficulty. The test is multiple-choice and covers grammar, reading, and vocabulary. It is an adaptive test, which means that the difficulty will vary depending on how you respond. Do not get discouraged if you are unfamiliar with some of the material. Make your best guess and go on to the next question.

Go here to take the placement test.

  • WebCAPE Site Access
  • Time for completion is approximately 20-40 minutes, depending upon each person’s experience and level of comfort with the language.

 Upon completion of the Test, score will display immediately. 

  • Technical issues contact IT at 505-428-1222
  • Note: Courses are not offered every semester. Contact ( ) if you have questions regarding course offerings.

Results of score compared to placement into SFCC Spanish courses:

Test ScoresSFCC Spanish Course
0-270Spanish I
271-345Spanish II
346-427Spanish III
428-1000Spanish IV