Spanish Assessment Exams


Spanish Assessment Exam-WebCAPE

Why take an Assessment?

● To help make sure students are placed into the Spanish level that is best for them, SFCC requires all students to take the Spanish Assessment Exam.

● We have adopted an assessment exam to gauge your language ability and give a recommendation for which level Spanish you should begin with.

 Do I have to study for the test?

● There is no need to study for the Assessment. It is meant to assesses your language skills as they are. Do your best for the most accurate placement since it will allow you to be in the right class.

How will I be evaluated?

● TheWebCAPE Spanish Placement Test is a multiple-choice computerized exam that tests a student’s knowledge of Spanish at different levels of difficulty. The test is multiple-choice and covers grammar, reading, and vocabulary. It is an adaptive test, which means that the difficulty will vary depending on how you respond. Do not get discouraged if you are unfamiliar with some of the material. Make your best guess and go on to the next question.

Go here to take the assessment exam from any computer.

WebCAPE Site Access: A student can take this exam from home. There is no need to take it at the Testing Center.

● Time for completion is approximately 20-40 minutes, depending upon each person’s experience and level of comfort with the language.

 ● Upon completion of the Test, score will display immediately. 

● Technical issues contact IT at 505-428-1222

Note: Courses are not offered every semester. Contact ( ) if you have questions regarding course offerings.

Test ScoresSFCC Spanish CourseCourse Name
0-270SPAN 1110Spanish I
271-345SPAN 1120Spanish II
346-427SPAN 2110Spanish III
346-1000SPAN 1125Conversational Spanish I
428-1000SPAN 2120Spanish IV
428-1000SPAN 2121Advanced Spanish and Hispanic Cultures
428-1000SPAN 2510Intro to Hispanic Literature
428-1000SPAN 2515Contemporary Latino Film