Make-Up Testing


Makeup Testing … is currently not available due to the online status of the College.  When campus is open again, this service…..
is for those students needing to to take (or retake) missed exams. If you were unable to attend class the day of an examination, you may request that your instructor allow you to make up that exam in the Testing Center. Your instructor will determine if this is allowable and if so, will bring the exam to the Testing Center and fill out a form dictating the exam’s administration rules.

Testing Center staff follow the rules issued by the instructor. For example, your instructor determines the date by which the test must be completed, how much time you are allowed for the test and what special aids you are allowed (a 3×5 card, a calculator, etc). Under no circumstances will we deviate from the guidelines issued by your instructor.

Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to complete your makeup test within the Testing Center hours of operation. You will not be allowed to begin a test if the staff determines (based on your instructor’s guidelines) that you do not have enough time to complete the exam before closing. Before you arrive, be sure to read the Testing Center Guidelines for Examinees.

When you come to the Testing Center to take your makeup test, you must present photo identification (driver’s license, passport, student I.D. etc) to verify your identity. Identification without your photograph is not valid for test administration purposes. Without photo identification, you will not be allowed to test.