Make-Up and Accommodation Testing


Make-up and Accommodation testing is reserved for SFCC students who are enrolled in a “campus only” class setting. If you miss a classroom exam, you may request to make-up the exam at the Testing Center. This is done by appointment only and must be approved by your instructor.

Make-up Exams

  • The testing center will follow the instructor’s rules completely and under no circumstance will the Testing Center staff deviate from the guidelines issued by the instructor (i.e. exam length, window, materials).

Accommodation Testing

  • The Testing Center provides a variety of exam accommodations for identified and approved individuals. Any individuals with further questions should contact Student Accessibility Services at 505-428-1711

Required documents

  • picture identification to verify ID (driver’s license, passport, student I.D.)
  • name of your instructor
  • name of the exam

**without these three items, you will not be allowed to test**

Other Information

Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to complete your make-up test within the Testing Center regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8-5pm.  You will not be allowed to begin a test if the staff determines (based on your instructor’s guidelines) that you do not have enough time to complete the exam before closing. Before you arrive, be sure to read the Testing Center Guidelines for Examinees.