HSE Exam Information


New Mexico accepts two High School Equivalency (HSE) tests for earning High School diplomas and certification: The GED and the HiSet. A brief comparison of the tests is available here, but for more detailed information, contact the Adult Education Information Desk 505-428-1356 or the SFCC testing center 505-428-1625.

GED Information

NOTICE:  Due to the Covid pandemic, GED and Hi Set testing will take place at the SFCC campus Testing Center on a limited basis until further notice.  Please check this site for future updates on testing times or go to GED.com to register and schedule your exams.  

The GED exams are available on computer only. The GED consists of four tests:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts: 150 minutes, includes a 45 minute essay.
  • Mathematical Reasoning: 115 minutes
  • Science: 90 minutes
  • Social Studies: 90 minutes.

Log onto the GED website, for more information and free practice tests.


The cost for taking the GED is $20 per test. In addition, SFCC Testing Center charges a $10 seating fee per test payable at the time of testing, however, the Testing Center fee is waived for this month.


Two free retakes per test


  • Below Passing: 100-144
  • GED Passing Score: 145-169
  • GED Honors Score: 170-200

HiSET Information

Notice:  HiSet exams will be administered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the month of August only.  HiSet exams are available in computer and paper versions, however at this time only the computer version will be available. The HiSET consists of five tests.

  • Language Arts-Reading: 40 multiple choice, (65 minutes)
  • Language Arts-Writing: 50 multiple choice(75 minutes) and one essay (45 minutes)
  • Math: 50 multiple choice (90 minutes) Hand-held calculator allowed.
  • Social Studies 50 multiple choice (70 minutes)
  • Science 50 multiple choice (80 minutes)

Log on to the HiSET website for more information and free practice tests.


HiSET exam costs $10 per test. In addition, SFCC Testing Center charges an $8 seating fee per test, payable at the time of testing.


HiSet provides two free retakes.


To pass HiSET, a student must meet three requirements:

  • Score at least 8 out of 20 on each test
  • Score at least 2 out of 6 on the essay
  • Achieve a total score across all tests of at least 45


Official transcripts are available at  http://www.diplomasender.com/. An e-mail address is required to create an account. The first copy of your official transcript is free. Additional copies are $18.

For more information, please contact the Testing Center at 505-428-1625.