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General Information

About Assessment Exams: Why do I need to take an assessment exam?

  • Math is an important foundational subject for many Degree and Certificate programs. Assessment exams are tools used to determine your skill level with these subjects, and ensure you are enrolling in appropriate classes for your success.
  • We also offer a self-Spanish assessment exam for all Spanish course placement, that students can take on their own using their computer. No need to take it in the Testing Center.
  • SFCC utilizes multiple measures for assessment skills levels for course placement including: ALEKS P.P.L. exam for math, and Webcape self assessment exam for Spanish.
  • EdReady is a tool, not an placement exam, for students to use to help them decide which English class to enroll in.
  • Honor Code:  The Code of Conduct applies to all students, visitors, and guests regardless of status. SFCC recognizes that there is a diverse student body and has established standards so that all students have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals in a respectful and high-quality atmosphere.

Required documentation: Government issued photo ID or Student ID, access to your A#, and login information for your account.
Course Placement: SFCC utilizes assessment exams and meeting with advisors to place students in the most appropriate math exam. The SFCC Course Assessment Table can be viewed to verify placement based on assessment scoring. It is important that all testers still meet with an advisor.

Please visit the Math Assessment Exam page here for more information.

Assessment testing is required to be placed in any mathematics classes at SFCC. ALEKS PPL is a web-based program that uses artificial intelligence to map student’s mathematical abilities across many areas.

The Assessment exam has 25 open-ended questions. Testers have 3 hours to complete the assessment, but are not required to use the entire allotted time. The exam cannot be paused or restarted once it begins.

After the Assessment, an individualized Prep and Learning Module (*Módulo de Preparación y Aprendizaje) is available for students. It is important to meet with an advisor after your initial exam. Testers must also complete a 48-hour waiting period AND 5 hours of studying time to test again for an improved score.

Please visit the Assessment Exam for Spanish page here for more information.

Why take an Assessment?

➞ To help make sure students are placed into the Spanish level that is best for them, SFCC requires all students to take the Spanish Assessment Exam.

➞ We have adopted an assessment exam to gauge your language ability and give a recommendation for which level Spanish you should begin with.

➞ Scores for the Spanish assessment are valid for two years. Students may retake the assessment one year after taking the assessment.

 Do I have to study for the test?

➞There is no need to study for the Assessment. It is meant to assesses your language skills as they are. Do your best for the most accurate placement since it will allow you to be in the right class.

➞ Exam can be taken from home using a student’s computer.

Upon completion of the Test, score will display immediately. 

Note: Courses are not offered every semester. Contact ( ) if you have questions regarding course offerings.

➞Technical issues contact IT at 505-428-1222

Please complete the request form for this option.

Remote testing is available on a limited basis for ALEKS PPL proctored tests.  To schedule your remote exam please complete the Remote Placement Test Request form and email it to  Once the request is reviewed, we will contact you to schedule your appointment.
Remote testing is available for SFCC students only.

Recent ACT or SAT scores may be used to determine placement. Students must provide an official transcript. SAT and ACT scores should be sent to the SFCC Registrar’s office through their respective student portals.

Scores in the ACT English and Reading sections of 19 or higher OR a 24 or higher score in the SAT Critical Reading section, may enroll in ENGLISH 1110 (Composition I).  In some cases, you may still be required to write an essay.

Scores in the ACT Math section of 24 or higher OR 610 or higher in the SAT Math section, may enroll in MATH 1220 (College Algebra), or MATH 1350 (Introduction to Statistics).

Students may also provide official transcripts to their Academic Advisor, showing courses completed within the last three years. These courses may sometimes be used to determine placement.   

**For a copy of your ACCUPLACER test scores please visit the ACCUPLACER request page.
If you would like your ACCUPLACER scores sent to another institution, provide the Testing Center with a copy of your ID, your contact information, and the email address for your participating agency, college, or University. If you require any assistance in this process, please contact the testing center at 1-505-428-1625 or**