8-7: Social Media

Policy Overview

This policy is established to ensure that Santa Fe Community College (SFCC or College) is appropriately promoted, protected and presented to align with the College’s mission, values and strategic goals.

Scope and Applicability

This policy applies to social media accounts created for the express purpose of officially representing SFCC and does not apply to personal social media accounts. This policy applies to social media accounts created or administered by approved SFCC representatives and/or College affiliates for the purposes of communicating with the SFCC community. SFCC representatives include, but are not limited to staff members, faculty members, students, committees, student groups, departments, and programs.

Policy Statement

The Social Media Policy exists to encourage the use of social media by SFCC’s offices and departments to communicate with stakeholders in a uniform and consistent manner. The purpose of this policy is to represent the College in a fair, accurate and legal manner in the realm of social media while protecting the brand and reputation of the institution.


  1. Affiliate A group or organization that is an extension of the College, such as the Training Center Corporation, Higher Education Center, SFCC Foundation, student organizations representing the College.
  2. Social Media Any online or mobile content or application that allow for user-generated exchanges of information. For purposes of this policy, social media primarily includes virtual communities and publishing platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, SnapChat and YouTube, etc. This definition does not apply to the College’s learning management systems used for academic or training purposes.

Policy Process

The College encourages open dialogue on social media. This policy covers the following:

  1. Authorization to create and administer social media sites on behalf of SFCC must be coordinated through the office of Marketing and Public Relations (MPR).
  2. Social media accounts are maintained and administered by members of individual departments or groups. At least one staff member of MPR must be provided with administrative access to all existing and new College-related social media accounts.
  3. The inappropriate or malicious use of SFCC social media, including derogatory or disparaging language, intentional misrepresentation of facts, threats, incriminating photos or statements depicting inappropriate behavior, may be subject to disciplinary action (Policy 2-2 Student Corrective Action and Disciplinary Action, Policy 2-3 Student Concerns and Complaints, Policy 4-2 Employee Corrective Action and Disciplinary Action, Policy 4-3 Employee Concerns and Complaints).
  4. Participants who create inappropriate social media posts from official SFCC social media sites may lose their privileges.
  5. All social media content and use must adhere to existing College policy and procedures.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

The President, through the Chief Communications Officer/Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations, shall be responsible for enforcing social media and marketing policies and procedures. Marketing and Public Relations shall work with the different departments and offices to comply with this policy and develop procedures that will enforce this policy regarding awareness, prevention and remediation.


Policy 2-2 Student Corrective Action and Disciplinary Action

Policy 2-3 Student Concerns and Complaints

Policy 4-2 Employee Corrective Action and Disciplinary Action

Policy 4-3 Employee Concerns and Complaints


SFCC Governing Board approved: 11/19/13

Revised and SFCC Governing Board approved: 2/20/17

Associated Procedures