4-53: Transfer of Employees

Policy Overview

This policy governs the transfer of Santa Fe Community College (SFCC or College) personnel. It explains the processes that an employee must follow to transfer employment within the College from one position to another open position.

Scope and Applicability

This policy applies to all College employees, except for contract employees whose contracts specifically provide for transfer, if applicable.

Policy Statement

Any employee is eligible to apply for another open position at the College for which the employee is qualified. If selected for the open position, the employee’s current supervisor and prospective supervisor shall determine the date of transfer.


  1. Employee is any member of the college workforce: all staff (regular full-time, regular part-time, term, temporary, probationary, sensitive position); all student employees; all faculty (full-time, part-time, adjunct, probationary); all administrators, including interim; all contract employees.
  2. Involuntary Transfer Transfer involuntarily to another department because the position has been eliminated as a result of special circumstances in employment actions or based on needs of the College.
  3. Transfer Refers to the voluntary transfer of an employee from a current position to another open position in the College, even if the new position has a lower salary or pay level.

Policy Process

  1. All dates of transfer shall begin at the start of a pay period.
  2. If the employee’s new position is a voluntary transfer at a lower pay range than the employee’s current position, the Office of Human Resources shall require the employee to sign a statement that the transfer was voluntary and any pay adjustments shall be calculated through Office of Human Resources procedures.
  3. This statement shall be maintained in the employee’s personnel file. If a transfer results in a promotion or greater pay range than the employee’s current pay range, the salary shall be determined by the Office of Human Resources based on the employee’s qualified credentials and calculated through Office of Human Resources procedures.
  4. If an employee is involuntarily transferred to another position due to special circumstances (SFCC Policy 4-40 Special Circumstances Employment Actions), the employee will sign a document stating the move is involuntary, acknowledging the change of assignment and any other employment-related changes, including but not limited to, probationary status, changes to pay and hours, and changes to employment status.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

The President, through the Vice President for Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness and the Director of Human Resources, shall be responsible for enforcing human resources policies and procedures. The Office of Human Resources shall work with the different departments and offices to comply with this policy and to develop procedures that will enforce this policy regarding awareness, prevention, and remediation.



Policy 4-40 Special Circumstances Employment Actions

SFCC Governing Board Approved: 9/20/2007
Revised and Governing Board approved: 9/28/2016

Associated Procedures