4-55: Employee Guests and Visitors in the Workplace

Policy Overview

This policy sets out the parameters for employees who bring guests and visitors to Santa Fe Community College (SFCC or College) and assigns responsibility that the employee must take in doing so.

Scope and Applicability

This policy applies to all SFCC employees.

Policy Statement

Visitors and the public are always welcome at SFCC. Visitors must not decrease productivity for both employees and co-workers or create a potential liability for the College and risk of harm to the visitors.


  1. Guest A member of the general public who is not a registered student, employee, or sponsored visitor, and who may access information technology resources intended for public use.
  2. Personal Visitors means friends and family of employees who come and visit them in the office.

Policy Process

  1. Employee guests will be allowed in the workplace, as long as the employee has received prior approval from their supervisor, and for a short visit that does not impede the work of the employee or others.
  2. SFCC discourages employees from being accompanied by friends, family, or children while working; including leaving children on campus in office areas while they are at work. This does not eliminate infrequent, short visits from friends, family and children. Anything other than short visits is not permitted due to safety and other workplace concerns.
  3. SFCC desires to be a family friendly place of business to all employees as well as to students; however, the workplace is not the appropriate place for childcare. Even during short infrequent visits, children 15 years of age or younger who are not students must not be left unattended and must be closely supervised by an adult at all times.
  4. If an employee is faced with unusual circumstances regarding visitors at work, the employee should speak with their immediate supervisor.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

The President, through the Chief Human Resources Officer and the Office of Human Resources, shall be responsible for enforcing Human Resources policies and procedures. The Office of Human Resources shall work with the different departments and offices to comply with this policy and to develop procedures that will enforce this policy regarding awareness, prevention and remediation.


Policy Approval:

Governing Board approved: 9/28/16

Associated Procedures