4-55: Employee Guests and Visitors in the Workplace – Procedures

In order to ensure the safety and security for all students, employees, and visitors to Santa Fe Community College, (SFCC or College) the Office of Human Resources (OHR) has adopted the following procedures. All College visitors and guests are expected to abide by SFCC policies and procedures.

  1. Guests and visitors should ensure they park in designated and appropriate parking areas.
  2. Employees are not allowed to leave minors unattended at any of the College’s campus locations, e.g., Higher Education Center, Kids Campus, Witter Fitness Education Center.
  3. Any organized College activity involving minors must be approved by the President or designee prior to the initiation of the activity.
  4. If a visitor or guest to campus is seen wandering SFCC grounds, Campus Safety and Security officers are authorized to question the individual as to the nature of their visit to ensure the safety of all students, employees, and visitors to SFCC. Thus all visitors and guests should always remain with appropriate SFCC personnel.
  5. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to notify their departmental staff prior to a visitor’s or guest’s arrival on campus to ensure a smooth process.
  6. Student guests and visitors to campus shall follow a separate protocol and shall be coordinated through the Academic and Student Affairs Office and related offices.
  7. Any guest who violates College policy or state and federal laws may be asked to leave the College immediately. Guests removed from campus are responsible for arranging their own transportation off campus. Any guest not capable of safely operating a motor vehicle must leave by cab or other means of public or private transportation at their own expense. After investigation of the incident, the person may be notified in writing that they are banned from College property until further notice.
  8. Truck drivers must have an ID, which should be worn around the neck or on their shirt.
  9. Delivery personnel (e.g., UPS, Federal Express, etc.) will be permitted to make their deliveries to the appropriate areas so long as they have an ID worn around their neck or on their shirt.
  10. Individuals entering SFCC grounds for the purpose of picking-up or dropping off individuals may enter campus for that purpose.
  11. All visitors and guests are to comply with all safety rules, regulations, and policies while on SFCC property or in College vehicles.
    1. When a violation of this policy is observed, the Office of Human Resources and/or Campus Safety and Security will be notified.
    2. It is the responsibility of the Executive Director of Human Resources or designee to make an assessment of the situation and take appropriate action.

Revocation of Building Access Privileges

It is an unfortunate reality that, from time to time, the College may need to adjust its normal procedures to protect the College community and property. The following are representative (but not exhaustive) examples of when building access privileges may be altered or revoked:

  • In the case of an emergency requiring the evacuation or lockdown of one or more campus buildings.
  • In the case of legal process, such as a no-contact order issued by a New Mexico State Court.
  • In the case where the College’s Campus Safety and Security exercises its authority to issue a No-Trespass Order.
  • In the case where the College’s Campus Safety and Security, the Office of Human Resources, or the Academic and Student Affairs Office limits or revokes access privileges for a disciplined or terminated employee.
  • In the case where the Student Affairs Officer limits or revokes access privileges in connection with the student discipline process.
  • In the case where the College’s Campus Safety and Security or the College’s Emergency Management Team determines that it is in the College’s best interests to limit or revoke access privileges.


Yash Morimoto, Ph.D., Vice President for Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness,, 505-428-1765.

Donna Castro, Chief Human Resources Officer
, 505-428-1019

 Updated:        12/14/2016