Diversity at SFCC


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Santa Fe Community College serves more than 13,000 students with affordable, high-quality educational programs that serve the social, cultural, technological and economic needs of a diverse and unique community. Our campus and its services are accessible to individuals of diverse backgrounds, experiences and goals.

We strive to provide an inclusive environment for educational growth. Get the most out of college by learning more about our student services and activities.

What is Diversity?

SFCC recognizes that diversity is a phrase that cannot capture the full extent of dynamic differences in people. SFCC honors continuums of culture, language, age, social class, body type, color, accent, height, ability, disability, gender, gender expression or creativity, gender identity,  sexual orientation, medical status, political affiliation, religion, spiritual belief, creed, veteran status, language, mental health, immigration status, national origin, health status, and the indeterminate. SFCC supports and encourages diversity in a safe, positive and nurturing environment. SFCC values going beyond tolerance and champions an environment of inclusiveness and equity that both embraces and celebrates the rich dimensions of humanity.

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Diversity Groups at SFCC

SFCC Governing Board Diversity Policy

The SFCC Governing Board is committed to achieving diversity and equity throughout the College. The Board established SFCC Policy 1-24 Diversity and Equity to demonstrate and enforce that commitment.

The SFCC Governing Board is committed to achieving diversity on campus that reflects the diversity of the community that we serve. Principles of diversity will guide teaching and learning and will influence all programs and activities of the college, including outreach, curriculum, hiring, communications, policy direction, partnerships and student support. Diversity reflects the core value of the college to serve all student populations regardless of race, age, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental handicap or disability, serious medical condition, veteran’s status or spousal affiliation.

For more information, contact President’s Diversity Advisory Committee co-chair sj miller, Ph.D.