Our Mission



Santa Fe Community College is responsible for providing the region with affordable high quality education and training. Presented through a variety of delivery methods and time formats, this includes basic skill programs; certificates and technical degrees; associate degrees with four year transfer potential, and personal enrichment courses both for credit and not for credit. These offerings are designed to add value to the lives of our community members by broadening opportunities; enhancing personal income; improving working and living conditions; and fostering richer, healthier lives. The College also responds to the economic and workforce needs of the community by quickly and flexibly providing essential training, especially in emerging technologies. As a public institution, SFCC is responsible to the taxpayers of the state of New Mexico and the taxing district of Santa Fe, as well as to its students, faculty, and staff, all of whom support it through their tax dollars, tuition dollars, and labor.

The Santa Fe Community College Strategic Plan 2020-2025 .

American Sign Language: Mission, Vision, Values


Empower Students, Strengthen Community.

En Español

Empoderar a los Estudiantes, Fortalecer a la Comunidad.


  • We value STUDENT LEARNING and demonstrate our commitment through innovative, high-quality programs, empowerment of students and accountability for systematic learning assessment.
  • We value EXCELLENCE and demonstrate our commitment through continuous organizational improvement, transparent and effective systems and responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars.
  • We value PEOPLE and demonstrate our commitment through building a community of collaboration and trust, celebrating diversity and fostering a vibrant system of shared governance.
  • We value SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and demonstrate our commitment through leadership in sustainability programs and practices, accessible and affordable education and ongoing service to and partnerships with our community.
  • We value INTEGRITY and demonstrate our commitment by modeling respect, honesty and principled decision-making throughout the organization.


  1. Support Our Students
  2. Partner with Our Community
  3. Build Our College Capacity