4-45: Mandatory Furlough – Policy

Policy Overview

The purpose of this policy is to establish the authority for a budget-required mandatory furlough program. This policy would only be used during situations of severe budget shortfalls, as identified by the President and approved by the Governing Board. 

Scope and Applicability

All employees, who earn more than a particular annualized salary as determined by the President, except for Adjunct Faculty Members and temporary employees, may be required to take one or more days of leave without pay pursuant to this policy. Equity issues will be considered in the development of the plan.

Policy Statement

In the event of a severe budget shortfall facing the College, the Governing Board may determine that it is in the best interests of the College to implement a budget-required mandatory furlough program under the terms described in this policy. The President is authorized to determine the number of furlough days that are required to make up for a budget shortfall. The number of furlough days taken by each employee shall be determined based solely on the annualized salary of each employee. The President shall present a chart showing annualized salaries and the number of furlough leave days to be taken to the shared governance groups. This shall be shared and recommended via the shared governance process with Staff Senate, Faculty Senate, and Governance Council before being implemented.


  1. Furlough An unpaid leave of absence from work for a specified period of time.

Policy Process

The following terms and conditions apply to the furlough policy:

  1. Before a mandated furlough is implemented, an analysis to ensure its cost effectiveness will be conducted.
  2. No employee earning below an annualized salary amount as determined by the President shall be required to take mandatory furlough leave.
  3. The number of days of mandatory furlough leave shall be set at a maximum of twelve (12) furlough leave days per fiscal year and a maximum salary reduction of 4.615%.
  4. Employees are not permitted to work for SFCC in the furloughed position when taking furlough time.
  5. Employees may not use accrued paid leave during periods of furlough.
  6. Part-time employees with the identified full-time annualized salary as determined by the President shall be required to take furlough leave on a pro-rata basis, i.e. half-time employees shall take half the number of furlough leave days, etc.
  7. Employees hired during a year that a furlough is mandated will be required to take furlough leave on a pro-rata basis, i.e., an employee working only six months in the year shall take half the number of furlough leave days, etc.
  8. Except for College-wide mandatory furlough leave days that may be scheduled by the President, all mandatory furlough leave must be scheduled in coordination with the employee’s supervisor. Furlough leave must be scheduled in such a way to avoid disruption of essential services of the College to the extent possible.
  9. Supervisors may not schedule overtime for other employees to compensate for the loss of services of an employee on furlough leave. Employees who do not cooperate with the scheduling of their furlough leave shall have furlough leave days assigned to them.
  10. Supervisors may not permit an employee to work overtime in a week in which the employee takes furlough leave.
  11. No annual leave or other personal leave may be used on or in lieu of a period of furlough leave. Paid holidays may not be used as days of furlough leave.
  12. Furlough leave may be taken in full days (8 hours) or half-days (4 hours).
  13. Faculty members may not schedule furlough leave for times in which they are scheduled to teach.
  14. Reduction of employment benefits, including retirement, life insurance or leave benefits, may be required because of implementation of furlough leave.
  15. All furlough leave days shall be documented on current leave request forms and marked as furlough leave for payroll and leave records.

The Governing Board’s decision that a budget-required furlough is necessary is final and binding and not subject to challenge or review. However, employees with concerns about their mandatory furlough leave may schedule an appointment with the Vice President to whom their office reports to meet to discuss circumstances if requested date is not feasible or to negotiate terms of the furlough.


Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

The President, through the Executive Director for Human Resources and OHR, shall be responsible in enforcing Human Resources procedures and policies. OHR shall work with the different departments and offices to comply with this policy and develop procedures that will enforce this policy regarding awareness, prevention, and remediation.


SFCC Governing Board Approved: 08.27.09
Revised and SFCC Governing Board approved: 1/27/16