4-23: Holiday and Campus Closure – Procedures

Campus may be fully or partially closed in response to planned or emergency events.

Delayed Opening schedule means a rescheduled opening time for the campus in response to an event, including weather-related. Typically, a delayed opening schedule will be a two hour delay from the standard opening time and indicates that the campus will open at 10:00 a.m. and only classes that begin at 10:00 a.m. or later will be held. This means the campus is closed until 10:00 a.m. and no labs, student services or other services will be available to students or to the general public before that time.

Full Campus Closure refers to the shutdown of the college campus and suspension of classes for full or partial days. When the campus is closed, all classes are cancelled and no labs, student services or other services will be available to students or the public. Several departments on campus, including some functions within Plant Operations and Maintenance, Safety and Security will provide essential services. They may have workers assigned to perform essential functions as necessary to ensure safety and general building operations.

Partial Closure refers to the closure of the college campus in response to any planned event. Generally, services to students and the community are curtailed (restricted) or not provided unless otherwise decided by the President. Staff and faculty may be required to report to duty.

Planned event is a scheduled event such as staff development day, or other planned event, which may necessitate a delayed opening schedule or a partial closure of the campus. Areas remaining open during a planned event are those that are required to provide adequate levels of safety and building operations. Other areas may remain open during planned events as determined by the President.
Unplanned event is a weather-related condition, or other emergency situation that adversely affects the ability of campus personnel to adequately assure safe and secure campus operations, and which could place the general public, visitors, students, and/or employees at risk. Closure due to an unplanned event may be full or partial closure.


The decision authority for implementing a campus closure:
1. The primary responsibility for determining the need, initiating and administering campus closures rests with the President or designee in his/her absence.
2. The Campus Security Officer may initiate a campus closure or delayed schedule by contacting the Executive Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance or the President.
3. The President consults, as appropriate, with campus Vice Presidents, the Executive Director for POM, the Executive Director for Human Resources, the Executive Director for Marketing and Public Relations (ED/MPR), other authorities and resource agencies responsible for coordinating planning, notification and responses in compliance with this policies procedures and guidelines, and then makes the final decision to delay or close the College campus.
4. Any other class cancellations or employee or student’s decision to stop work or class due to weather-related or unsafe conditions should follow this policy, procedures and guidelines.

Procedures for implementing a campus closure:

1. Whenever possible, a decision to suspend any college activity is made before normally scheduled college hours have begun.
2. The campus may be closed early immediately upon announcement, at a specific time or in stages in response to a weather-related decision to release students and employees early, and/or to cancel up-coming scheduled classes. The closure communication will indicate the effective time for closure.
3. Normal academic pursuits and administrative activities are resumed on the following day unless a continued closure is determined by the President or his/her designee.
4. Special programs on campus such as facility renters, and organizations with lease agreements with the college (e.g. UNM, Highlands and the Botanical Gardens) shall designate an emergency contact representative (ECR). Marketing and Public Relations shall maintain a current list of ECRs and contact them about campus closures.
5. Whenever possible, the college will coordinate closing/suspension of activities with the Santa Fe Public Schools and state agencies.
6. Employees, students and the general public are informed of the closure by

a. Marketing and Public Relations contacting the media to request broadcast announcements
b. Announcement on MySFCC
c. SFCC’s Emergency Alert system

7. Faculty should announce their course specific policy for class cancellation at the beginning of the semester. If a Faculty member must cancel a class, he/she is responsible to follow the administrative procedures defined by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Room location, course number and title must be provided to the Security office.

Guidelines for pay during a campus closure:

1. Employees who are fit for duty and regularly scheduled to work on the day that the college is closed will remain in pay status for up to one full day. Those on annual leave, sick leave or other paid leave, will be paid using their leave.
2. Should the campus remain closed for longer than one full day, the President shall determine pay status in consultation with the VP Finance/CFO and the Executive Director for Human Resources.
3. Employees who independently decide not to attend work when the campus is open in order to ensure their personal safety must use annual leave or sick leave.

Responsibilities and guidelines for employees and students:

1. Each employee and student retains primary responsibility for their safety and security.
2. Employees have the right to stop work if they have a genuine belief that, as a result of weather or other emergency conditions, the working conditions are unsafe. They must report the unsafe condition to their supervisor promptly.
3. Employees and students are responsible to ensure that they do not knowingly engage in any activity that could result in injury to themselves or another when conditions create a potential safety hazard.
4. Employees and students must promptly comply with the directives of their supervisor, or the Campus Security Officer in a closure situation. They may include evacuating the premises in a safe and orderly fashion.


Closure due to Planned Events

1. Planned closures are subject to the same decision authority as outlined above for unplanned closures.
2. The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for coordinating the planned partial closure of the college for events such as convocation, faculty or staff development and any other planned closure.
3. Planned closures shall be schedule as far in advance as possible and announcements of planned closures shall be included in course schedules, public notices, and other forms of announcement.
4. Planned closures shall generally not be scheduled during enrollment periods, finals or other periods of peak campus activities. They shall be scheduled to the greatest extent possible to minimize disruption of student and public services.
5. Planned closures may affect all or part of the campus.

Closure due to Holidays

1. Holiday closures will be scheduled at the discretion of the President.
2. The campus shall be completely closed to all except essential personnel during holiday and mid-term break closures.
3. Individuals having business on campus during a planned holiday closure must have approval of the President or designee and must notify Campus Safety and Security to coordinate their presence on campus.
4. The winter/mid-term break schedule will conform to the following guide, as much as possible:
If New Year’s Day falls on a: Break Starts at the end of the work day Return to work Days off
Saturday December 17 January 3 10 workdays
Sunday December 16 January 2 10 workdays
Monday December 15 January 2 11 workdays
Tuesday December 14 January 2 12 workdays
Wednesday December 20 January 6 10 workdays
Thursday December 19 January 5 10 workdays
Friday December 18 January 4 10 workdays


Yash Morimoto, Ph.D., Vice President for Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness,, 505-428-1765.

Donna Castro, Chief Human Resources Officer
, 505-428-1019

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