4-28: Separation of Employment Policy – Procedures

Voluntary Terminations Including Retirement

  1. Employees are requested to provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice of their intention to separate from SFCC to allow a reasonable amount of time to transfer ongoing workloads. The employee should provide a written resignation notification to their supervisor.
  2. Upon receipt of an employee’s resignation, the manager will notify the Office of Human Resources by sending a copy of the resignation letter and any other pertinent information (e.g., reason for leaving, last day of work).
  3. The Office of Human Resources will coordinate the employee’s out-processing. This process includes the employee returning all SFCC property (e.g., uniforms, keys, laptops, ID cards, parking passes); a review of the employee’s post-separation benefits status; and completion of an exit interview. Failure to return items may result in deductions from the employee’s final payroll payment.
  4. The employee is responsible for completing the Office of Human Resources exit checklist.
  5. The employee’s supervisor will meet with the Office of Human Resources as necessary to discuss next steps on recruiting for the vacant position.

Involuntary Terminations

  1. Before action is taken to involuntarily discharge an employee, the employee’s supervisor must have i) informed their supervisor and the Office of Human Resources of previous performance issues or misconduct, ii) demonstrated a good faith effort to correct the behavior, and iii) given ample time for the employee to correct the behavior before deciding to terminate them.
  2. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for reviewing the circumstances and determining if termination is warranted. If the Office of Human Resources recommends termination, the employee’s supervisor and a Human Resources representative will notify the employee in-person (recommended) or via phone (if necessary) and will distribute a formal letter to the employee notifying them of the college’s intent to terminate. The employee’s supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the exit checklist is completed and for collecting all college property (keys, ID cards, parking passes, equipment) and must notify the Office of Human Resources and the Payroll Office of the last day the employee worked.

 Death of an Employee

  1. Upon receiving notification of the death of an employee, the employee’s supervisor should immediately notify the Office of Human Resources.
  2. The benefits manager will process all appropriate beneficiary payments from the various benefits plans as appropriate.
  3. The employee’s supervisor should ensure that the payroll office receives the deceased employee’s time reporting.
  4. The Office of Human Resources shall notify the Executive Team, the Office of Information Technology, the Finance Office and the Marketing and Public Relations Department of the employee’s passing.

Final Pay

An employee who resigns or is discharged will be paid through the last day of work, plus any unused vacation or compensatory time, less outstanding loans, advances or other agreements the employee may have with SFCC, in compliance with New Mexico state law. In the case of an employee’s death, the final pay due to that employee will be paid to the deceased employee’s estate or as otherwise required under New Mexico state law.

COBRA Benefits

Health insurance terminates on the last day of the month of employment. Information about COBRA continued health coverage must be provided to the exiting employee. Employees will be required to pay their share of the dependent insurance premiums through the end of the month.

Exception for Faculty Resignation

At SFCC Human Resource Office’s discretion:

  1. For 2023, all faculty that resign by May 1st will be given the option of continuation of their health coverage through June 30. The faculty and the college each agree to pay their respective portion of the premiums.
  2. Ongoing from 2023: For all faculty retiring or resigning at the end of the Spring semester, if the faculty member submits an irrevocable letter of resignation or retirement by March 1, and the faculty member has 10 years or greater experience at the college, the college will offer the option to continue to faculty member’s health care through August. The college and the faculty member will each pay their respective portions of the costs. If a faculty member has less than 10 years with the college, the college agrees to continue the faculty member’s health coverage through June 30. The college and the faculty member agree they will each pay their respective portions of the cost.

Rehire and Ineligibility for Rehire

Former employees who leave in good standing and who were classified as eligible for rehire may be considered for reemployment. In such cases, the former employee must submit an application to the Office of Human Resources. A former employee must meet all minimum qualifications and requirements of the position, including any required qualifying exam if necessary.

Prior to rehiring a former employee, supervisors must obtain approval from the Chief Human Resources Officer or designee. A rehired former employee’s previous tenure will be considered in calculating longevity, leave accruals or any other benefits.

An employee who is terminated by SFCC for violating policy or who resigned from SFCC in lieu of termination from employment due to a policy violation is ineligible for rehire.



Yash Morimoto, Ph.D., Vice President for Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness,, 505-428-1765.

Donna Castro, Chief Human Resources Officer
, 505-428-1019

Updated:    8/17/18

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