4-26: Seniority Policy – Procedures*

If a temporary employee becomes a regular or term employee with no break in service, seniority accumulation is adjusted retroactively to the beginning date of temporary employment.

If a student employee, an occasional employee, or an on-call employee becomes regular or term, seniority accumulation begins on the date of regular or term employment.

An employee on approved extended leave without pay retains accumulated seniority, but additional seniority is not accumulated during the extended leave without pay.

The college considers seniority during reductions in force (RIF) if performance and qualifications are basically equal.

A RIFed employee who has been reinstated within one year retains accumulated seniority to the date of the RIF.

F. A regular or term employee who has been terminated, but is rehired within one year, retains accumulated seniority to the date of termination.
AO/FRV 4-24-02

Updated: 8/5/03

Contact: Terence  Donaldson
Executive Director of Human Resources

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