4-33: Personnel Records – Procedures


  1. Materials required to be in an employee’s file are the following:
    1. Letter of job application, résumé / CV, official transcripts, and other evidence of qualifications (these materials are retained in accordance with applicable state laws).
    2. Additions and updates of résumés / CVs, official transcripts, and other materials related to qualifications subsequent to original employment.
    3. Performance ratings related to initial or subsequent decisions regarding employment contracts.
      All letters of recommendation.
    4. Supervisory letters of reprimand or other negative materials provided the employee has been furnished a copy (any rebuttals or other written comments by the employee are also included).
    5. Requests for special leave and official action taken.
    6. Additional material having substantial relevance to qualifications and performance ratings by supervisors provided the employee has been apprised of the material.
  2. Employees have the following rights regarding their personnel files:
    1. To review the file’s content upon request.
    2. To receive a copy of any document contained in the file.
    3. To have relevant documents added to the file.
    4. To request that documents be removed from the file with approval of Office of Human Resources.
      1. This request must be made in writing to the Chief Human Resources Officer).
    5. To include in the file a written response to any negative or derogatory entry.
    6. To be provided a copy of items to be placed in the personnel file.
    7. To be provided copies of references and evaluations obtained with an expectation that confidentiality will be maintained.
  3. All file cabinets containing official personnel files are locked. The Chief Human Resources Officer is charged with responsibility for the security of the files.
  4. Other personnel information or duplicates of information in official files may be unofficially maintained in the files of respective Executive Team supervisors, division heads, department heads, or directors, who are charged with the responsibility for the security of the files.


Donna Castro, Chief Human Resources Officer
, 505-428-1019

Yash Morimoto, Ph.D., Vice President for Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness, 505-428-1765


Updated:         April 19, 2022