2-11: Audit of Credit Courses – Procedures


  1. Registration in an audit course is accomplished in the same manner as registration for a credit At the time of registration, the student must indicate his or her desire to register for a course under the audit option.
  2. The student pays the regular tuition and fees applicable to the credit
  3. The student must submit a “Request to Change Classes” form to the Records Department by the appropriate deadline to change a class from credit to audit or audit to
  4. For a full-semester course, a student may change enrollment from audit to credit or from credit to audit until the end of the seventh week of instruction during spring or fall semesters and through the end of the third week of instruction in a summer
  5. Deadlines to change from credit to audit or audit to credit for courses that are less than a full semester are listed in the course
  6. Audit-to-credit changes require the Faculty member’s
  7. The student’s transcript shows an AU instead of a This notation does not reflect mastery of the material covered in a course, and no credit is awarded.

Updated:  7/29/03 Updated: 5/28/08