5-10: Owned and Leased Vehicles – Procedures

A. Vehicle Acquisition Requests

  1. Employees shall direct all Vehicle Acquisition Requests to the General Services Manager. The General Services Manager will coordinate with the requesting department or program to determine specifications of a vehicle or for motorized equipment.
  2. The purchase of vehicles or equipment will meet the required processes and guidelines of the State of New Mexico.

B. Vehicle Maintenance 

  1. General Services is responsible for vehicle maintenance.
  2. General Services will maintain all SFCC vehicles and motorized equipment according to recommendations of the manufacturer.

C. Vehicle Usage and Reservations 

  1. College owned and leased vehicles are available for use by students, official student organizations, employees, departments and programs for SFCC business.
  2. In order to use a College vehicle, drivers must submit a copy of a valid New Mexico driver’s license two weeks in advance to General Services. General Services will ensure that a background check is performed and the driver will be added to College insurance. Drivers must also obtain a defensive driving certificate from the National Safety Council prior to using any of the College’s fleet.
  3. Once the employee has been accepted by and has obtained the proper documents to General Services, the employee is able to reserve a College vehicle. The employee must submit a Vehicle Request Form complete with authorized signatures to General Services prior to travel. In addition, if authorized passengers are attending the trip, the driver must submit a Transportation Release Form to General Services before departure.
  4. On the day of departure, a General Services staff member will assist the driver with operating instructions and signing the vehicle pick-up log. A binder that is designated to the reserved vehicle will be assigned to the driver. The binder will have keys, a gas card, proof of insurance and registration. An assigned gas code number will be designated to the driver. The code should never be shared with anyone.
  5. Before moving the vehicle, the mileage needs to be entered on the Vehicle Request Form and Daily Vehicle Log.
  6. When returning the vehicle, the gas tank must be filled. Any gas station can be used.
    • Insert the gas card into the pump. The pump will prompt you for the mileage on the vehicle.
    • Enter the correct mileage.
    • The next prompt will be your gas code. After the code has been entered, the user will be able to fill the gas tank.
    • The process of prompts may vary, for example requesting the code first and then mileage or mileage first then the code.
    • Drivers must obtain a receipt for the gas and place it in the binder to return with the vehicle.
  7. The driver must return the vehicle to the designated area within the reserved time. If there is an emergency and the driver is unable to return the vehicle on time, the driver must inform General Services staff (contact information is located in the binder).
  8. Before returning the vehicle, the driver must remove all trash and personal items.
  9. The driver must enter the ending mileage on the Vehicle Request Form and the Daily Vehicle Log upon returning.
  10. The driver must return the binder to General Services. General Services staff will verify the gas receipt with the mileage, the binder contents and the mileage on the documents.
  11. The mileage accumulated on the trip will be charged to the FOPAL on the Vehicle Request Form provided by the driver.

Contact:     Jackie Gutierrez, General Services Manager
505-428-1756, 505-660-9174,

                       Dobby Schmidt, Director of Facilities

Updated:   6/29/16