Getting Started with Accessibility Services


Our Mission

Empowering every student’s journey, the Student Wellness Center (SWC) champions inclusivity through comprehensive Accessibility Services, Student Resources, and Counseling Services. We define wellness across eight dimensions, including:

At the SWC, we offer holistic student support, focusing on non-academic success to ensure students thrive.

Who is eligible for Accessibility Services?

If you have a documented diagnosis or disability that is impacting your learning, you may qualify for Accessibility Services at SFCC. Documentation may be provided from a previous school, medical professional, or mental health professional.

Getting Started

Step 1: Complete Initial Contact Form

Step 2: Submit documentation of your disability provided by a psychiatrist or qualified medical professional. Additionally, we accept 504 plans or Individualized Education Program (IEP) within the past 10 years. For documentation submission, medical professionals or high schools can fax the necessary paperwork to 505-428-1500, or email it to

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment


Documentation and disability/diagnosis related information for students will always remain confidential. Accessibility services can share student’s accommodations with instructors, advisors, and relevant SFCC staff. We will not release documentation or the exact nature of a student’s disability/diagnosis without explicit consent from the student.