Interpreter Services for Deaf/Hard of Hearing


What Services are Available?

Sign Language interpreters are available to facilitate communication between Deaf/Hard of Hearing students and their instructors, peers, case manager, and any other related services. Interpreters use American Sign Language as the main form of communication. Requests for an interpreter are made through to with a 72 hour notice.

How to Contact Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services falls under the umbrella of Accessibility Services. To contact Interpreting Services you may call 505-428-1349 or email While preferred interpreters are accommodated, when possible, availability is not guaranteed.

What is the Process to Request Services?

  1. Eligibility: Students must complete the 3 Step Intake process with Accessibility Services prior to receiving interpreting services.
  2. Interpreting for an appointment: Students must request an interpreter with a 72 hour window of notice for a service, such as tutoring or meeting with a case manager.
  3. Interpreting for a class: Students must request an interpreter at least three weeks prior to the beginning of their class. An interpreter may not be available on shorter notice.
  4. Changes in schedule: Students are required to contact if there are any changes in their schedule.
    • If a student plans to miss a class, they must inform at least 24 hours prior to the start of the class. Missing multiple classes without notice can result in the cancellation of interpreting services.

Interpreter Expectations

Interpreters must adhere to professional guidelines.  The code of ethics set by the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf puts forth the principles of ethical behavior to be followed by all interpreters.