Access To Computer Facilities and Adaptive Technology Equipment


Access to Technology

SFCC provides access to instructional technology programs and services for students with disabilities. These services include access to computer workstations, accessibility hardware and software, and usable print materials (instructions, informational signs, manuals, and workbooks). Every effort will be made to assure that equal access to information is available for all students who are using computers.

When making a request for adaptive accommodations, the student would meet with a Disability Services case manager to discuss what type of assistance would enable him or her to participate fully in a class. Disability Services will provide initial training in the use of specific adaptive software or assistive technology.

Students with disabilities may access appropriate adaptive equipment through Disability Services. This equipment includes:

  • Microcassette recorders for recording class lectures
  • FM loop systems (assisted-hearing devices)
  • Screen-reader software
  • Voice-recognition software
  • Scanner and computer-screen enlarger

While many of these devices require training over a period of time, the Disability Services staff is available to help students tailor the use of the equipment to their needs in specific classes. Often students will schedule tutoring sessions with Disability Services staff to become familiar with the technology.