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Welcome the new Associate Deans

Shalimar Krebs, ( Liberal Arts and Arts, Design & Media Arts Shalimar taught Media Arts at SFCC for five years and has worked closely with the English faculty while serving as the Tutoring Center Coordinator. With a passion for education, he has demonstrated success in creating and maintaining positive relationships while serving our Read more ›

Update from the Center for Diversity and Integrated Learning

Dear Colleagues, The SFCC #kindnessiskey Initiative is hosting a kindness-themed art show, which will open February 14 in the Main Lobby, and be up for three weeks. Attached is the call for submissions for all SFCC students and employees. We hope you'll submit, and that you'll please share with and encourage students and colleagues to contribute, and that Read more ›

Diversity Initiative Survey

Dear SFCC Community, Below is a link to a survey of one question related to our strategic plan’s diversity initiatives. Your feedback is crucial to our efforts to better understand the many perspectives and experiences that inform our campus culture and the materials and curriculum used in course work. Please leave your anonymous responses Read more ›

¡Palabra!: Gay or Homosexual

Gay, or homosexual people are people whose physical, mental and sexual attractions are for those of the same sex. Source: Gays u homosexuales son personas cuyos atractivos físicos, mentales y sexuales son hacia personas del mismo sexo. Fuente: The word of the week is brought to you by the Center Read more ›

¡Palabra!: Heterosexism

Heterosexism is a system of advantage which favors heterosexuals. Institutionalized homophobia. The assumption that being heterosexual is inherently better, more moral, or more natural than being lesbian, gay, or bisexual. Like racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression, heterosexism awards power to members of the dominant group (straight people / heterosexuals) and denies privilege Read more ›

SFCC Faculty & Staff Development Day

SFCC Faculty & Staff Development Day Building Community through Creative Collaboration October 20, 2017 Dear Colleagues, We are thrilled to invite you to submit a workshop proposal for our October 20, 2017 all-employee professional development day.  This semester Staff Senate is taking the lead and Linda Peña, Margaretmary Woodd, Kelly Smith, Read more ›

¡Palabra!: Latino/a

A Latino/a is a person who was born or lives in Latin America, including Mexico, or a person in the United States whose family is originally from Latin America, including Mexico. Source: adapted from Un latino o una latina es una persona que nació en o que vive en América Latina, incluyendo México, o Read more ›

Greenhouse construction update

The greenhouse construction will require a utility trench from the south most entrance of the TATC building to the black entrance gate behind the Biofuels lab. There is a marked/fenced trench at the entrance currently and this will be extended in the coming week. The trench will be open for approximately 1 week while work Read more ›

Update on new greenhouse

Update from Henry Mignardot, Executive Director for Plant Operations and Maintenance: We're excited and motivated; we selected a construction contractor to construct the Hydroponic/Aquaponics Greenhouses. The project has received all approvals, the contractor has a construction permit in hand and the project has started with site clearing last week. Site excavation equipment arriving and work Read more ›

¡Palabra!: Immigrant

Immigrant: Someone who moves to one country or region and intends to reside permanently in that country or region. Immigration means "in- migration" into a country, and is the reverse is emigration, or "out-migration." The long term and/or permanent movement of human population in general, whether into, out of, or within countries (or before the Read more ›