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Algae offer a realistic potential to provide the world with a sustainable source of energy. Algal biomass can be transformed into a diverse array of fuels such as ethanol, hydrogen, jet fuel and biodiesel. In this introductory course we will provide students with an overview of algal biology and train them in key method for algal biomass production. This course is designed for individuals with little or no technical training. However we will cover topics that will stimulate critical thinking skills and provide hands on skills required to begin working in the algal biofuels industry.

This course was developed to provide hands-on training in the field of algae production for the workforce in the State of New Mexico.

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Our Regional Partners

The Biofuels Center of Excellence goals are to develop a curriculum for green workforce training, and to create partnerships with New Mexico community colleges and New Mexico green businesses. In the area of algae production and research, SFCC has formed partnerships and working relationships with New Mexico’s:

National labs

Sandia National Lab
Los Alamos National Lab
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Educational Research Institutions

The New Mexico Consortium in Los Alamos
University of New Mexico
New Mexico State University

Our National Partners

Algae Technology Educational Consortium (ATEC)

The consortium’s goal is to develop novel educational programs to strengthen industry workforce capabilities, by focusing on the skills needed to support the commercialization of algal products. Members include:

Algae Foundation
Algae Biomass Organization
University of California, San Diego
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
University of Texas, Austin
Arizona State University
University of Southern Maine
Santa Fe Community College
Austin Community College
Rutgers University
University of Maine Aquaculture Extension
Linn-Benton Community College
Solano Community College
Hawaii Community College


Apogee Spirulina
BioProcess Diagnostics
NSE, Inc.
Qualitas Health
Santa Fe Brewery


SFCC wins Multiple Awards in the 2015 International Algae Industry Readers Poll!

  • 2nd for Educational Institution
  • 3rd for Algae Microfarm design: Nicholas Petrovic, an SFCC Graduate and founder of Apogee Spirulina
  • 3rd for Cultivation Equipment: NSE, Inc. (SFCC Algae Base Station)
  • Luke Spangenburg, SFCC director of the Biofuels Center of Excellence was named an Algae Ambassador! View full results here.