Stephen Gomez


Dr. Stephen Gómez is a native New Mexican. He received his B.S in biology at the California Institute of Technology and his M.A and Ph.D. in molecular, cell and developmental biology at UCLA. His doctoral research examined the interactions between photosynthetic pigments and proteins in chloroplast membranes. He was awarded two Ford Fellowships, one at UCLA in biochemistry and the other at the U. of Wyoming in botany. Dr. Gómez started his career in the biomedical field with appointments at the Dept. of Molecular Biotechnology, U. of Washington; Dept. of Oncology, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles; Pasarow Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, UCLA and the Respiratory Immunology and Asthma Program, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute.

Since returning to New Mexico, Dr. Gómez’ interests have shifted to sustainable agriculture and biofuels. He has served as a consultant to Sandia National Laboratories in Renewable Energy and managed the research program in low-water greenhouse agriculture at the Indio-Hispano Academy of Agricultural Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Gómez joined the faculty at SFCC in 2014. Before that he taught biology at UCLA, U. of Washington, U. of Wyoming, UNM and CNM. While at CNM he developed a curriculum in Green Energy as part of the engineering program. At SFCC, Dr. Gómez splits his time between biology courses in the School of Health, Math and Sciences and sustainability/biofuels courses in the School of Trades and Technology.