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The SFCC Innovation Center (SFCC-ic) is an incubator for innovative, sustainable technology companies and a center for the training and education of SFCC students. Engaging in public-private partnerships provides opportunities for students to participate in hands-on training in real-world applications while  supporting growth for businesses engaged in entrepreneurship and innovative technology applications. The SFCC-ic is the College arm of the Training Center Corporation a nonprofit

501c3 established through the New Mexico University Research Park Act to support workforce development. The Innovation Center will continue to broaden the community connections to campus, expanding from Bioscience, Health, Solar Energy, Biofuels, Controlled Environment Agriculture, Algae Cultivation, Machining and Culinary Arts to IT, Film, Arts, Hospitality, and Fitness.

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Ondine Frauenglass, Interim Director, provides project management for business partnership development and facilities coordination on campus. Frauenglass assumed leadership of the Center in 2020 with 10 years of experience in bioenergy and algae cultivation projects at the state and national levels and curriculum development for 2-year tech college programs. Frauenglass holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts (History of Mathematics and Science) from St. John’s College, in Annapolis, MD.

Innovation Center Partners and Projects:

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Apogee Spirulina

Microfarming: small batch artisan method of cultivation

Algae Cultivation at SFCC

Internship Opportunities



Current Business Partnerships
Innovation Center Projects and Grants (ATEC and BHP)

ATEC: The Algae Foundation’s Algae Technology Educational Consortium

Online Classes, Onsite Labs, Micro Credentials at SFCC

The Algae Academy: K-12 STEM Teacher Training

BHP: Groundwater remediation of legacy mine sites
(Phase II pending)

Algae Cultivation at SFCC

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AI-enabled smart measurement systems
(Phase II pending)

Algae Cultivation at SFCC

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Water Sensors for Advanced Energy Reduction

Controlled Environment Ag at SFCC

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The New Mexico Consortium

Research collaborations: universities, industry, and Los Alamos National Lab

Controlled Environment Ag at SFCC

Algae Cultivation at SFCC

Internship & Job Opportunities

Star Sailor Energy, Inc.

Wind powered offsite security and broadband

Biofuels at SFCC

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Previous Innovation Center Partnerships and Projects

Avisa Diagnostics: rapid respiratory infection detection

Love, Tito’s: ic-project, Farm to Table

NTx: Faster, purer production of biologic material.

Luke Spangenburg Memorial Presidential Endowed Scholarship
SFCC-ic honors the memory and the work of Founding Director, Luke Spangenburg, through a scholarship for Algae and Sustainability Studies. Click here for more information.