Student government feeds hungry students

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SFCC’s Spring Holiday weekend earlier this month was a bit brighter when it was kicked off with dozens of students receiving nutritious food care packages. Student Government Association (SGA) President Ian Widrick Martinez, who initiated the effort, shares some of the details of the April 10 event.

Q: What made you decide to put together these care packages for students and this event?

A: I hear from students a lot and I know they are worried and having trouble financially. We understand that access to food is an area where our students need support, and we will do the best of our abilities to represent and supply resources to the population we serve.

Q: How many bags were distributed?

A:  Fifty care packages were distributed on that day. We hope to work with SFCC Foundation for another distribution event in May so we can help even more students who need food.

Q: Who was involved?

A: We partnered with SFCC Foundation and Campus Cupboard (the college’s student food pantry) so we could give more than one meal to each student. Campus Cupboard Coordinator Ed Worden helped supply more food to feature in these packages, including rice, beans, cereal, and varieties of boxed and canned goods. Director of Food Services Behzad Dayeny stored Cornish hens in the cafeteria freezer until we were ready to put the everything together. Student Involvement Coordinator Mary Eleas and I set up the care packages and staged them for distribution. SGA Vice President Melissa Garcia, Associate Vice President for Student Success Thomasinia Ortiz Gallegos and I handed out the packages.

Q: How long did it take to set up?

A: It took Mary and I about three hours to set up all the care packages and stage them. On the day of the event, it took about an hour to set up before we were ready to hand out our little bundles of love!

Q: What was the response from recipients?

A: It was so heartwarming to hear all the positive comments around this initiative. As students were driving up to get their packages, you could hear joy and hope in their voices: “You’ve made my day, thank you so much!” and “Thank you for making a difference and reaching out to the students, have a wonderful day!” It’s an honor to serve our students.

Q: What’s next?

A: Student government will hand out more food care packages from 10-12on Friday, May 1 at the Santa Fe Higher Education Center! We have 70 packages available all this the same components contributed by SGA, campus cupboard and Foundation!

Contact Ian Widrick Martinez or for more food resources, go to Food Depot, one of SFCC’s partners in supporting Campus Cupboard.