Student Government Association


What is the Student Government Association (SGA)?

SGA is the official governance group that represents the SFCC student body. SGA members work hard to make a difference on campus by representing the student’s perspective to the administration and various governance councils. They also provide a forum for students to engage in conversations regarding campus issues. SGA encourages and advocates for student involvement on campus by sponsoring student events, programs, and leadership opportunities. The Student Government Association at Santa Fe Community College is made up of the Executive Board, Senate, Committees and Sub-Committees.

SGA Membership

Every student enrolled in at least one credit hour class is a member of the SGA, which is responsible for taking up campus issues and responding to student concerns. The SGA also acts as a liaison for students and organizations to the college’s administration and the governing board, and allocates money to organizations and students for activities.

Make your voice heard and participate in SGA!

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the Month from noon-1 p.m. held via Microsoft Teams. There you will find the most up to date information on meeting agendas, meeting locations, and upcoming activities and events sponsored by SGA. Faculty and staff are welcome to attend SGA meetings pre the “Open meetings Act” as a guest.

Get Involved

There are numerous ways to get involved on campus. Each house offers a variety of possibilities for students to get involved and participate in house council activities under the umbrella of the SGA.

Who can run for SGA Positions?

Any student that has been accepted as an SFCC student. Student must be enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours in the spring term of the election timeframe. Then must be a concurrent student in fall and must carry at least six (6) credit hours throughout the semester, and be in good academic standing.

How are SGA Positions filled?

Interested candidates must fill out an application and interview with the Student Involvement Coordinator and SGA Secretary. Once approved the candidate can either start the campaigning process for officers or their application will be forwarded to the prospective Dean. The Executive Officers are elected by the Student Body via an election held in late April. Three Senators for the prospective Schools are interviewed by the Dean and if chosen the Dean will inform the Student Involvement Coordinator of their appointment. Three Senators are elected and three are appointed by the SGA President.


These are all paid positions depending on the position and hours worked per pay period.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for these positions?

  • Must be enrolled in and successfully complete six (6) credit hours per semester at SFCC
  • Must have and maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Must have a declared major or program of study
  • Must be a student in good standing and not on Academic, Progress, or Disciplinary Probation
  • Should commit to working a full academic year

Time Commitments

  • Must be available to attend mandatory meetings, committees, and subcommittees as needed or approved by the SGA board.
  • Office hours are inclusive of SGA Official Meetings, Student Committee Meetings, and SFCC Committee Meetings
  • Must be available to attend all Training Sessions and Retreats throughout the year
  • Must commit to working a full academic year beginning Fall through Spring
  • Additional hours will be required at certain times that will be governed by The Office of Student Development. Some of these include, Welcome Week, Orientation, Student Activities Events, Student Voice, and Graduation.

Instructions for Applying

Paper applications can be picked up from the Office of Student Engagement and Recruitment or online on the Student Government Association Webpage. Recruitment for SGA takes place every spring. Students must be available to commit a full academic year beginning in the fall and through spring. To be considered, students must submit an application. Email for Nominations, Election dates and other inquiries. However, date is subject to change – check at for Call for Nominations and Election Dates.

The application process consists of the following:

  • Completed Student Government Association Application
  • Available for an Interview

Link to the application:

SGA Executive Officer Candidate Packet 
Dean Appointed Senator Candidate Packet 
Elected Senator Candidate Packet
President Appointed Senator Candidate Packet

SGA Executive Team Members – 2024

I am getting a Fine Arts degree and a certificate in Ceramics. During my free time I like to paint, cook, and garden.

My goal as Student Body President is to help make this school the best it can be for my fellow students. It is important to me that everyone’s voice is heard and that all feel welcome.

Thank you for your Vote, Magdalena Archuleta

I am in the jewelry and metal arts program. In my free time I like to learn new crafts like woodworking and blacksmithing. My goal as vice president is help build a stronger community.

I am pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. My hobbies include drawing, singing, and writing.

As a part of the Student Government, my goal is to help contribute to the overall success of the college by supporting various events, projects, and initiatives as needed.

Marcelo Figueiredo is your enthusiastic and dedicated SGA Treasurer. As a newcomer to this school Marcelo brings a unique perspective and fresh ideas to our student body.

Marcelo joined our school community this semester, eager to embrace new opportunities to make a positive impact. Since his arrival, Marcelo has been actively engaged in school activities and has demonstrated his commitment to enhancing the student experience.



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