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SFCC will continue to offer classes primarily online for the remainder of the Spring 2021 Semester.
Register now for Summer 2021 — Classes begin June 7. Registration for Fall 2021 classes begins June 1

For help registering, please contact the Welcome and Advising Center.

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Here are the latest SFCC COVID-19 updates and developments:

Spring Break Update to Students from President Becky Rowley, March 10, 2021
Campus Update and Vaccine Information to SFCC Employees from President Rowley, March 10, 2021
Campus Update: Travel, Campus Open Status and Health Practices, Feb. 23, 2021

The New Mexico Department of Health is now offering COVID-19 vaccine self-scheduling for New Mexicans 40 years and older. Use this registration system to schedule your COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster.

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If you need to get tested for COVID-19 please call 855-600-3453 |Si necesita hacerse una prueba de COVID-19 por favor hable al número siguiente: 855-600-3453

What actions should I take if feel like I or someone I know has been exposed to COVID-19? View SFCC COVID Guidelines for Students and Employees 

Many more details are available on the SFCC Campus Reopening Plan

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Perhaps you are exploring the new Pre-Forestry degree at SFCC and want to see how your career opportunities expand through completing your Bachelor’s degree in Forestry at New Mexico Highlands University. 

If you graduated with your Associates degree business, but decided you are really interested in Information Technology, you may be interested the online cyber-security program at Bellevue University.

Or maybe you are curious about learning how use a 3-D printer, and have an itch to play with a laser cutter.  In that case, the Santa Fe FabLabHub is available to connect you with fast, MIT-accredited digital badges to encourage your curiosity and strengthen your resume.

Whatever your destination the Santa Fe HEC can support your journey.

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