I-BEST – Early Childhood Education

I Best

Student observers at SFCC’s Kids Campus.

I-BEST Programs give you:

  • A study plan designed for your busy schedule.
  • The opportunity to prepare for a career in a high-demand job area.
  • Individual attention; help with career and academic planning.
  • Financial aid guidance and support.
  • Improved computer skills.
  • User-friendly adult education classes and tutoring.
  • Connection with a group of adult students who will enroll and take classes at the same time as you in a safe and comfortable learning community.

Early Childhood Education

Find out more about an exciting new program to get a college degree in Early Childhood Development or Home Health Aide at the same time you work on completing your High School Equivalency or improving your math and english skills. Come and learn more about reaching your goals for success in college.

I-BEST at SFCC — Integrating Basic Education and Skills Training in:

Starting out or starting over?

If you are looking for a career in a high-demand industry, consider I-BEST at Santa Fe Community College. I-BEST assists students who are highly motivated and would benefit from a program that offers High School Equivalency test prep, English language skills development, and a college certificate. You will get special attention in a supportive environment.

I-BEST will prepare you for careers by teaching you the necessary skills to do the job while you strengthen your reading, writing, math, and English skills.

You can build your career and educational skills at the same time, reducing the number of semesters you need to be in school before you’re prepared for your new career. The I-BEST team of teachers and advisors will help you learn to balance classes with other life, family, and work commitments.

What’s in it for you?

In just 2 to 3 semesters you can:

  • Complete a college certificate
  • Improve reading, writing, math, and English skills
  • GET a High School Equivalency credential (if you need one)

For more information, please contact the Adult Education Office, 505-428-1356, abe@sfcc.edu.