What is I-Best


Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training Program (I-BEST) is a nationally recognized model that quickly boosts students’ literacy and work skills so that students can earn credentials, get living wage jobs, and put their talents to work for employers.

How does I-BEST help students?

  • I-BEST pairs two instructors (teachers) in each class. Together, they teach in an easy to understand style with real life learning activities.
  • I-BEST provides an Academic Support Class (A.S.C.), which guides students through lessons, activities, concepts, and terminology.
  • I-BEST students study exactly what they need to know to complete the certificate program.
  • I-BEST connects students with numerous on and off campus resources available at each campus.
  • I-BEST partners with a team of advisors, teachers, education specialists, financial advisors, and tutors who support and encourage students and helps them to navigate the college system. Students are not alone!
  • I-BEST students are part of a cohort (group) of students. The cohort learns, studies, and often graduates together.
  • I-BEST supports student’s employment, career, and college goals.

How Does I-BEST Work?

More Information:

Kerry Bank • I-BEST Instructor • kerry.bank@sfcc.edu.
Kristen Krell • Director, DOL TAACCCT Program • kristen.krell@sfcc.edu • 505-428-1142

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