Information Systems and Computer Science (ISCS)

School of Sciences, Health, Engineering and Math

About the Programs

Most people in today’s world rely on computers to perform a multitude of tasks to increase efficiency, enhance productivity and even entertain us. Jobs in the area of network security, ethical hacking, computer programming, computer gaming and information technology support are growing 30% faster than any other technology area in the United States. For adults looking to retrain and enhance their skills and for students just starting their college career there is a pathway in the Information Systems and Computer Science program that will fit your lifestyle.

ISCS for High School Students
Dual enrollment offerings can help you explore programming, mathematics and computer technology while thinking about your future employment opportunities.

Transfer to a University
Our Associate in Science in Computer Science degree is designed to transfer to universities state-wide. If you are looking to transfer to university be sure to speak with an adviser your first semester so that you are taking the right classes to meet your goals.

Evening Classes
We also offer classes in the evening for students who may be coming back to school to finish their degree. The Associate in Applied Science and our certificate programs are designed for learners looking to gain skills to better their employment opportunities, seeking to add a formal degree to their resume, or exploring new skills.

Online classes
Many of our classes are offered in fully online format. Labs and servers are maintained for fully online students through the school year. Students work with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Our faculty teach on-ground and online and are used to helping students balance their classwork and lifestyle. Students who have not taken an online class before should speak with a faculty member in the department to see if online learning is suited for their learning style.

This uniquely fully-online degree program is offered through the state of New Mexico consortium Skill Up Network Sun Online.
Network Security Technicians are in high demand. This degree is designed for students with information technology experience that are seeking additional certifications. For more information contact Carla Slentz or call 505-428-1300 or 505-428-1300.
Embedded in the Computer Information Technology AAS degree, this certificate is designed for working adults and distance learning students. Students who successfully complete this certificate will be prepared to take the CompTIA Security+ test Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals, NSTISSI No. 4011 and CNSSI No. 4016 Entry Level Risk Analysis.
The AAS in Computer and Information Technology is designed to give you high-tech training in hardware and software, database management, networking and customer service; skills useful in every modern office environment. You will be prepped to take national certification exams and will have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience participating in real-world internships. By combining customer service and high-level technical skills, you’ll earn a robust degree that prepares you for current information technology jobs.

Are you a problem solver, able to creatively use computation to find solutions? If you are imaginative, if you like puzzles, if you like problem-solving in other disciplines (engineering, mathematics, sciences), if you are comfortable with abstract thinking, if you like working at the intersection of multiple disciplines – if any of these apply to you, then computer science is for you.

This exciting and unique field sits at the intersection of many disciplines, from biology and science to economics, business, fine arts, and more. Computer scientists and engineers have designed some of the world’s most complex computer programs, and many of them help keep the world running today. Jobs in the field of computer science are projected to increase 30% faster than the national average for job growth for 2010-2020. (US Department of Labor).
At SFCC, you’ll study with leading faculty and have the option to pursue dual-majors in multiple disciplines – all preparing you to earn a bachelor’s degree at a college or university. At SFCC you will find tutors, high-tech labs and staff that are available to help you achieve your goals. Many classes are dual credit eligible which gives high school students a chance to explore this field before they formally enter college.

For more information, please contact the School of Health, Math and Sciences, 505-428-1754,

Career Opportunities

  • Information systems scientist
  • Linux systems technician
  • Java programmer
  • Python programmer
  • Entry-level risk specialist
  • Security specialist
  • Network security technician
  • Computer programmer
  • Information Technology support technician
  • Research analyst
  • Computer operator
  • Software support specialist
  • Account specialist
  • Business systems analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Inventory control specialist
  • Data control administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Computer repair specialist