Student Clubs and Organizations


Get involved at SFCC! Join clubs for fun events, fundraising, awareness, and community activities. Explore diverse groups to connect with peers and make memories!

If you don’t see a student club or organization you are interested in, you can start your own group! Click on Getting Chartered to learn how you can start a club at SFCC.

Official student groups have access to resources like space on campus, equipment and materials, a staff advisor, and funding for activities.

AY24-25 SFCC Club List

Department Clubs

Cultural Clubs

Special Interest Clubs

Religious Clubs

Starting or Renewing a Chartered Club or Organization. 

Chartered Student Clubs/Organizations must submit charters by the Fall semester’s first day to prevent funding, event planning, and purchasing delays. Approval and communication will be conducted via SFCC email accounts of the Designated Advisor and officers. Advisors should routinely check their SFCC email and address any concerns with the Student Activities Coordinator. Advisors are accountable for updating their officers/members on outcomes.


To start or renew a charter at SFCC, the following requirements must be met and officially approved by the SFCC Office of Student Engagement on an annual basis for the fall and spring terms. A separate rechartering form must be submitted for the summer term and be approved by the SFCC Office of Student Engagement on an annual basis.

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