Adam and Eve on E Street, 1952 (Pushcart Prize Nominee, SFLR 2019)

by Lynda Myers

Adam and Eve on E Street, 1952


Lynda Myers



God formed man of the dust of the ground,

and into his nostrils breathed the breath of life.


Male and female He created them

Eve in pink plaid pedal-pushers

Adam’s hair waved with Brylcreem

like Errol Flynn in a white V-neck tee


and set them in Eden Garden

a red brick row house on E Street

once farmland at the edge of the city

inhospitable now even to wiregrass


and blessed them and said to them

Be fruitful and they multiplied

reusing year after year the flowery smocks

sewn for Eve’s first pregnancy.


And God said For food I give you

every herb upon the face of the earth

So Eve fixed us PBJs — Wonder Bread

with Skippy Peanut Butter


and Smucker’s Strawberry Jam.

And He said I give you dominion over

the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air and

every living thing that creeps upon the ground


so every autumn Adam went to the woods

and brought home to us hidden

in the pockets of his hunting jacket

cidery apples and, once, a tiny gray kitten.


And from the squirrels Adam had bagged

Eve removed the buckshot one by one

and stewed the meat with onions

to mask its gamey flavor


and pan fried in eggy batter

the perch Adam caught in the stream.

Evenings we watched Mickey Mouse

and Lawrence Welk, sang along with Mitch


and laughed at I Love Lucy while Eve

smoked her Pall Malls and Adam drank his Schlitz

until it was time to tuck us into bed.

Then, when we all were grown


but before they were very old

God said to them From dust ye have come

To dust ye shall return.  We spread their ashes

on the river that runs out of Eden


imagining Eve in her pink plaid pedal-pushers

Adam in his white V-neck tee

young, full of hope, eager to taste

the forbidden fruit.


After teaching Western philosophy, mathematics and languages for forty years at St. John’s College in Santa FeL spent her first year of retirement as a visiting professor at Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou, China, traveling wide-eyed through China, Japan, Thailand, and Cambodia.   Now returned home, she lives minutes from Santa Fe Community College whose fine arts and creative writing programs stoke her creative fires.